de GRISOGONO OTTURATORE - Another Fawaz Gruosi's Marvel
In the heart of the de GRISOGONO OTTURATORE there beats an unusually complex mechanism. Besides the traditional hour and minute hands in the center, the watch displays on demand the seconds, date, phases of the moon and power reserve. read more

De Grisogono Presents Watches in Browny Brown Gold
Fawaz Gruosi proudly unveils de Grisogono novel models to join the Browny Brown Gold collection.

The company is actively involved in exploring new characteristics of precious metals, and gold in particular. To manufacture the exclusive Browny Brown Gold line, de Grisogono used an exceptional process with the PVD principle - Physical Vaporisation and Deposition - as its base.

Sculptured in gold, the Instrumento Novantatre N08 watch accommodates a self-winding movement. The timepiece provides an annual calendar function. The brown dial shows date and month apertures, small seconds, Arabic numerals and hands in polished 18K pink gold.
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Quest for Innovation: de GRISOGONO Meccanico dG
Fawaz Gruosi, founder and president of de GRISOGONO, wanted to mark his company's 15th anniversary, by breaking new grounds and exploring a never-ventured-into area - a digital time display provided with an exclusively mechanical power supply, another patented innovation of the brand.

The de GRISOGONO Meccanico dG represents a combination of micro-systems featuring sophisticated cam and gear assemblies. read more

de GRISOGONO Watches - Touch of Design Genius
Today, de GRISOGONO is equally successful in designing and producing exclusive watches and pieces of jewelry. The de GRISOGONO Instrumento N Uno was the first timepiece introduced by the brand. read more

Meet de Grisogono Instrumento Grande Chrono Watch
The Instrumento Grande is rightfully considered to represent one of the most successful models created by de Grisogono. The timepiece joined the world of watchmaking in 2005. It stood out due to an oversized case coupled with a galuchat strap. The dial was created in bright and cheerful colors and caught attention by its calendar aperture.

Now, the brand is pleased to unveil a powerful updated version of the Instrumento Grande equipped with originally arrayed functions.

de Grisogono Instrumento Grande Chrono has maintained the signature case of the Instrumento Grande. The watch paralyses the glance by the uninhibited creativity put into its creation.

The black, silvered or brown dial of the new de Grisogono watch has maintained the engine-turned concentric wave pattern and significantly-sized hour markers of the original Instrumento Grande. read more

Graham London's Cooperation with Brawn GP
Just before the start of the British Grand Prix, Round eight of the 2009 Formula One World Championship, its current leaders Brawn GP gladly confirmed a new collaboration with the traditional British watch brand Graham-London.

Graham-London, created in London by George Graham, a famous clockmaker of the 18th century, happens to be a part of the British Masters, an Anglo-Swiss company, located at La Chaux-de-Fonds in Neuchatel, the center of watchmaking industry in Switzerland.

This brand is a combination of the best Britain’s watch heritage and Swiss passion for fine engineering detail, which is in line with the spirit and commitment to timekeeping initiated by Graham.

Manufactured by Graham-London, two extremely special limited edition Brawn GP timepieces have been created for the British Grand Prix. These watches mirror the individual features of the brand as well as values of the Brawn GP team. Both interpretations - the Chronofighter G-BGP-001 and the Silverstone G-BGP-001 with black or white dials, were restricted to just 250 pieces per range.

The Graham-London brand was demonstrated on the wing mirrors of Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello's Brawn-Mercedes race cars from the practice sessions at Silverstone last Friday in the course of the team’s on-track preparations for Sunday's race.

According to Ross Brawn, Team Principal of Brawn GP, the British Grand Prix was an extraordinary event for the Brawn GP team with their factory located down the road from Silverstone. They were extremely pleased to start their cooperation with Graham-London, one of the most renowned timepiece brands in the world. He also mentioned that an outstanding design of the two special edition Brawn GP timekeeping companions, manufactured by Graham, entirely met the high level of technological and design requirements of Formula One.

Eric Loth, CEO and Founder of The British Masters was ecstatic about this promising cooperation between Graham and the Brawn GP team started at the British Grand Prix last weekend. In his opinion, it was a perfect chance for Graham-London to share two supremely advanced high technologies and an encouraging challenge for them to develop their design and extend technical limits. read more

de Grisogono Fuso Quadrato Watch -Another Fawaz Gruosi's Masterpiece
de Grisogono Fuso Quadrato watch line is a clear reflection of the innovative spirit of the brand and creative personality of Fawaz Gruosi. The Fuso Quadrato watch is distinguished by a one-of-a-kind display of the second timezone function. The timepiece has two superposed dials. It incorporates Fawaz Gruosi’s signature diaphragm mechanism that can hide or reveal the second timezone display when it is required.

Fawaz Gruosi's diaphragm is characterized by a sophisticated design and construction comprising most delicate components. Now, the unique diaphragm mechanism has been used for a double timezone display. It is operated with help of a slide featured on the case flank opposite the crown. The diaphragm incorporates 12 titanium blades that open to reveal the second timezone dial or close to show just the local time.

The Fuso Quadrato watch is animated by a self-winding mechanical movement that beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour. It offers a 42-hour power reserve. The local time is indicated by the hour and minute hands in the center, while the second timezone is presented via a 12-hour dial with help of a black frame hand.
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De Grisogono dG Meccanico Watch - Novel Interpretation
de Grisogono unveils a new interpretation of its iconic Meccanico dG watch. The brand’s technical masterpiece will be available in a limited edition and demonstrates a fine play on contrasts between white and black details.

The new de Grisogono watch will be unveiled at Baselworld 2011.

The Meccanico dG watch, featuring an analogue and digital mechanical display, is animated by a sophisticated mechanical movement. The partially skeleton dial of the watch catches the glance by the gear trains, cams and micro-segments. The impressive matt black titanium case features refined lines. It is coupled with a matt black alligator leather strap.
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de Grisogono Instrumento Novantatre - Complicated Timekeeping Beauty
In the heart of the de Grisogono Instrumento Novantatre there beats a self-winding mechanical movement. The mechanism represents a complex construction that automatically takes account of 30-day and 31-day months read more

de Grisogono Power Breaker Chronograph Watch
At Baselworld 2010, the prominent watchmaker de Grisogono has unveiled its latest Power Breaker chronograph watch. It represents a magnificent fusion of spectacular design, superior craftsmanship and Swiss watchmaking.

Originally introduced in 2005, the Power Breaker chronograph has been reinterpreted in a contemporary way. It is encouraged by the modern aesthetic codes of the Formula 1 motor-racing universe. The brand’s new product is animated by a reliable mechanical movement.

The new de Grisogono watch has borrowed its structure from the original model. It is available with a powerful rose gold case, composed of four parts: the bezel, middle, back and crown guard. The watch’s dial creates an extremely dynamic visual impact.
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Instrumentino Steel & Diamonds' New Versions
de Grisogono Instrumentino Steel & Diamonds’ original design is really eye-catching with its harmonious proportions, streamlined silhouette and square-shaped bezel.

Combining strength and softness, fashionable style and improved legibility, this watch definitely contributes to the sophisticated, feminine feel.

Refined gem settings
The Instrumentino’s steel case demonstrates two new dial interpretations, with graceful trim, performed, however, in a completely different style. Unlike the original models demonstrating a scant sprinkling of the diamonds set on the hour markers as well as on the mobile case lugs, innovative designs are distinguished by the contemporary sheen with a thousand fires.

There is a contrast between the refined finish of their polished steel case and the diamond-set versions of the dial along with the black « volutes » scrollwork motifs, valued so highly by de Grisogono.

One model reveals 19 brilliant-cut diamonds set into the counter at 6 o’clock demonstrating the second time-zone. The timepiece also comes with a setting of 64 brilliant-cut stones encircling the first time-zone indication in the shape of a lunar eclipse.

Six black diamonds at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock complement the contrast feel.

Improved legibility
Distinguished from the original Instrumentino Steel & Diamonds, displaying the time in both time-zones with diamond-set hour markers and Arabic numerals too big in size, the two newly fresh interpretations have decided on a quiet chic.

The legibility of a dial face is achieved due to small markers of “nailhead” type along with the absence of numerals.

De Grisogono's customary attention to detail has been mirrored in the Instrumentino Steel & Diamonds black galuchat strap, with mobile links joining it to the case.

Enjoy a wide range of innovative de Grisogono watches:

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de Grisogono Adorns Instrumento Occhio Ripetizione Minuti with Diamonds
The de Grisogono Instrumento Occhio Ripetizione Minuti, initially unveiled in 2005 and rightfully considered to be one of the most ambitious and exclusive timekeeping creations of the brand, has now been recreated to demonstrate a majestic case adorned with a multitude of baguette diamonds.

Titled as Queen of Complications, the outstanding minute repeater watch is equipped with a mechanism suggested by the mechanism of reflex cameras. The dial of the watch is created as a diaphragm, formed by twelve mobile titanium blades. The diaphragm opens and closes when it is necessary, and allows to admire the beauty of the movement while the chimes are striking.

Based on an identical principle, the watch’s diaphragm subassembly is, in fact, more compact and resistant than the one of reflex cameras. The moment the minute repeater is triggered, the diaphragm opens by the simultaneous movement of all twelve blades and closes as soon as the hours, quarters and minutes have stricken on three gongs.
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de Grisogono at Baselworld 2008
Previously placed in a corner of the Chopard stand, this year at Baselworld de Grisogono presented its latest novelties in its very own showcase, surrounded by the most renowned luxury names. The brand's space at the show spread over 560 square metres. Sitting on a metal structure weighing about 30,000 kilos, it is enveloped in a giant jewel composed from a great number of black diamonds, each with a luminous diode in its centre representing a white diamond. The two de Grisogono symbols!

In 2008 the brand joins the circle of great watchmakers, having unveiled two outstanding watches: Meccanico dG with a digital time display driven by a mechanical power supply; Otturatore with a mobile dial. read more

De Grisogono Celebrates 10th Anniversary of N Uno Collection
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the famous Instrumento N Uno collection, the house of de Grisogono has reinvented the iconic watches, lending them a distinctly contemporary feel.

Each interpretation of the emblematic de Grisogono watch accommodates a self-winding mechanical movement. It is equipped with two essential complications: a dual time-zone display and an oversized date indicator, located at 7.35.

The novel line will meet the most stringent expectations of both men and women. The ladies are offered a perfect opportunity to choose from four different designs, which exude incredible freshness, promising joy and happiness.
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de Grisogono New Boutique in Las Vegas
The renowned watchmaking house de Grisogono is about to establish its new boutique in Las Vegas. It is the City Center that will host the brand’s 17th flagship store in December, 2009. The new shopping venue is accented with baroque touches, which mirror boundless creativity of the specialists from this jewelry and watch company, set up by Fawaz Gruosi.

This trading space, which is the brand’s second boutique in the United States, will definitely follow the success of its predecessors, inaugurated in Geneva, London, Gstaad, Hong Kong, Rome, Porto Cervo, Paris, St. Moritz, Kuwait, New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Saint-Barthelemy, Dubai and New Delhi.

The design of this new store will undoubtedly surprise customers, already familiar with de Grisogono style. When compared to other brand’s boutiques, located all over the world, the new shopping space, which sprawls out to cover 85 square meters, is decorated with a more contemporary luxurious interior.  read more

de Grisogono Creates Instrumento Grande Open Date Watch
Following the overwhelming success, encountered by the famous Instrumento Grande watch, the horological company de Grisogono proudly unveils the 2009 replica of this exceptional model – the Instrumento Grande Open Date - which exposes an open-worked dial.

The watch’s originality lies in two date discs, which represent two perfect circles, with rectangular-framed meeting point located at 6 o’clock. Stylish men, in search for a distinctive accessory, will surely appreciate this remarkable model.

Rendered in 18K pink gold, the watch’s case features the dimensions of 48.30 mm x 41.11 mm. It is offered with or without baguette white diamond setting. Both front and back sides of the watch are fitted with sapphire crystals. read more

De Grisogono Presents Watches Paved with Brown Diamonds
The watch-making house de Grisogono is delighted to present two novel watches, studded with brown diamonds. These models are included into the brand’s autumn collection.

The brown diamonds are presented in a wide variety of overtones, ranging from light to dark brown. Every gem is thoroughly chosen to match other precious stones.

The Piccolina S04 watch has a case sculptured in polished 18 carats pink gold, and paved with 38 brown diamonds with a total weight of 1.44 carats. The case exposes a crown, studded with a black diamond.

Protected by a sapphire glass, the timepiece’s silver dial is illuminated by a play of 20 sparkling white diamonds, totaling to 0.13 carats.

The watch accommodates a quartz movement, which offers 30-meter water-resistance. Fitting this model is a chocolate galuchat strap.

The Instrumento Grande S12/A watch features a case, rendered in polished 18 carats pink gold and paved with 146 brown diamonds, which total to 2.61 carats. The case is fitted with a crown, featuring de Grisogono signature crest.

The champagne guilloche dial of the watch is embellished with 14 brown diamonds with an overall weight of 0.25 carats. The oversized date is displayed in a large exhibition window.

Inside this model is an automatic movement. It provides 30-meter water-resistance.
The de Grisogono watch comes with a light brown galuchat strap, finished with a de Grisogono butterfly buckle, crafted from polished 18 carats pink gold.

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de GRISOGONO Supports Fight Against Lysosomal Diseases
de GRISOGONO offered support to the non-profit organization 'Against Lysosomal Diseases'. The company took part in a Ladies Lunch held on Thursday, May 29, 2008 at the Beau Rivage Hotel in Geneva.

The organization 'Against Lysosomal Diseases' holds research to fight rare neuro-generative genetic infections affecting a lot of Swiss children. Proceeds from the event are used to get supplies to children suffering from the diseases.

At the entrance of Beau Rivage Hotel, the ballroom was nicely decorated with showcases featuring the newest collections of de GRISOGONO jewelry, watches and hand bags.

More than 300 ladies attended the event with the only man of the afternoon, Fawaz Gruosi, de GRISOGONO President and Founder.  read more

de Grisogono Tondo by Night - Luxury Watches, Magnificent Jewelry Pieces
de Grisogono unveils its new glowing Tondo by Night watch collection. The playful, luxurious timepieces sparkle in the daylight and at night as they are created from an innovative luminescent material - Pearly Photoluminescent Composite Fibreglass (PLF).

The exclusive material used for the case and buckle contains tiny pieces of mother-of-pearl that give them a stunning finish. It adsorbs the daylight and then provides the watch with a glamorous shine when night falls. The material has been professionally tested to provide not only beauty but also supreme comfort on the wrist.

Inspired by the vivid summer shades, the Tondo by Night watches are available in a variety of colors - pink, green, white, purple, yellow, and orange.
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De Grisogono Otturatore Watch - Time with Four Faces
The horological company De Grisogono surprises the audience by launching its new Otturatore watches.

The novelties immediately attract attention with their dials, performed in silver, ruthenium, black or brown. The new De Grisogono watches offer hours, minutes, seconds, a date as well as moon-phase and power reserve indicators. Although each model provides four complications, its architecture, incorporating a rotating window, allows the user to see just one at a time.

The display of each item consists of three parts and is embellished with Clou de Paris pattern. It is equipped with applied hour-markers and Dauphine-styled hands in 18K rose or white gold.
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