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Materials in Watchmaking - From Traditional to Exotic
The Gerald Genta Octo Black Spirit has plates and bridges produced from Arcap, an alloy composed of zinc, copper and nickel. The brand's watchmakers galvanized the movement with blackened gold. read more

Gerald Genta Arena QP GMT - Play of Contrasts
The new Gerald Genta watch paralyzes the glance by the majestic play of the Gerald Genta colors - red and black. The dial of the timepiece makes one feel the mechanical spirit of the watch inspired by the exclusive world of automobiles read more

Gerald Genta Octo Tourbillon Sunray - Ode to the Sun
The exotic Gerald Genta Octo watch collection has been joined by a new exceptional timepiece – the Gerald Genta Octo Tourbillon Sunray watch. The luxurious timepiece will easily fascinate true watch lovers as it is animated by a sophisticated mechanical movement and boasts perfect execution of the finest details.

The Gerald Genta Octo Tourbillon Sunray watch demonstrates a complex case construction, avant-garde but maintaining the elements of classic design. The original octagonal case of the watch is crafted from 18K yellow gold and measures 42.5 mm in diameter.

The case finishing is of the highest quality worthy of fine jewelry. The satin-finished bezel is fitted with gold countersunk nails. The circular-grained crown of the watch is adorned with a falcon's-eye cabochon. The antireflective sapphire crystal case-back reveals the exquisite nature of the self-winding movement. The timepiece is 100-meter water-resistant. read more

Gerald Genta Arena Watches in Red Gold
In 2008, Gerald Genta used red gold for the case that strengthened the watch’s warm and eccentric charm. The dial touches imagination by the brand’s signature complications. read more

Gerald Genta Octo Place de l'Etoile Watch
The Octo Place de l'Etoile is a new stunningly designed timepiece from Gerald Genta. The timepiece has been inspired by Paris and its renowned Place de l'Etoile that surrounds the Arc de Triomphe, from where twelve famous Parisian avenues extend forth, forming a rigorously symmetrical pattern. One of the avenues is the Champs Elysees.

The daring jewellery watch has majestically united shapes, colours and materials, making one feel the brand's avant-garde spirit. The avenues stretch in a vanishing perspective in the direction of the jumping hour aperture that was deliberately positioned at 11 o'clock. The avenues alternate between diamond-paved and enamel-coated motifs, extending over onto the bezel, clearly inspired by the cobbled streets of Paris.

The Gerald Genta Octo Place de l'Etoile watch accommodates a self-winding movement. The mechanism provides the jumping hour display found at an unexpected angle, as well as the retrograde minutes inscribed over a 180 degree arc foundon the bezel.

The innovative jewelry watch is housed in a considerably sized octagonal red gold case that measures 39 mm in diameter.

The strap of the Octo Place de l'Etoile watch is worth special attention. Its color matches the mauve dial. The strap is produced from Aqualino, a watersnake leather featuring scales reminding paving stones.

The Gerald Genta timepiece is also available in all black-and-white version: the white gold case, and dial featuring white diamond and black enamel motif, secured to the wrist on a black crocodile leather strap. This variation, introduced in 2007, became the first to pay tribute to Paris, having marked the inaguration of Gerald Genta's flagship store located in Rue de la Paix.
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Gerald Genta Horological Marvel - Gefica Safari Watch
Gerald Genta is famous among knowledgeable connoisseurs and aficionados of fine watchmaking as the creator of the eye-catching Gefica Safari bi-retrograde watch.

This horological marvel provides the functions of jumping hours, retrograde minutes, central seconds as well as that of retrograde date. Giving life to the functions is a self-winding movement - GG 1004 calibre on a GP3100 personalized base. This mechanism incorporates an additional Gerald Genta bi-retrograde plate. It also houses an 18K gold rotor with concentric circular graining and engraved logo.

The hollowed multi-layer dial reveals a sandblasted finish as well as a galvanic-colored base, adorned with a raised horizontal motif. The dial is completed with hour, minute and date numerals, designed in the Art Deco style. read more

Gerald Genta Reveals Arena Metasonic Watch
Gerald Genta is proud to unveil its latest evolution of the Arena Grande Sonnerie, the Arena Metasonic watch.

This novel timekeeper takes the esteemed brand to the highest reaches of sophistication and beauty. Released as a spectacular wristwatch, the in-house manufactured complication experienced the world premiere in 1994 and has been continuously improved ever since.

Now, the brand is delighted to present its unrivalled complication, housed in an extremely innovative case. Manufactured from the original material, its exclusive construction assures a fascinating chime. The latter represents a genuine breakthrough, which became attainable due to in-depth acoustic and vibratory research. read more

Mickey Tokyo Resort Watch from Gerald Genta
The relationship between Disney and watch manufacturer Gerald Genta has been lasting enough for the latter to release chic watches with Disney character - mostly Mickey - as a theme.

This novelty was created to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Disney Tokyo resort.

Thus, the dial of the watch demonstrates Mickey having in his paw a diamond, set at “25” on the retrograde hour scale. Meanwhile, the location of the jumping hour window is deviated to the left.

An iconic red seconds hand moves around the dial. As for a retrograde date indicator, in the lower half of the watch there is another Mickey, pointing to it. A “retrograde” component can be found in almost every Gerald Genta timepiece.

The titanium-forged case looks quite light and it demonstrates Gerald Genta’s typical design, quite muted however.

The watch is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement with a solid gold rotor. The movement itself features a “potter finish”, performed in “antique gold”. Lots of people in Japan equally adore Disney and watches.

The Gerald Genta Mickey Tokyo Resort watch will be a part of 80 items only limited edition, supposed to be sold out very fast.
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Gerald Genta Arena White Spice Watch - Majestic Lights and Colors
The first Arena Spice watch was revealed by Gerald Genta in 2007. The new variation of the timepiece destined for modern ladies strikes by its youthful spirit, exotic design, luxurious craftsmanship, and relaxed elegance. read more

Gerald Genta Watch Inspired by Kilimanjaro
The Gerald Genta iconic Gefica line welcomes a new timepiece inspired by the beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro with its snow-capped peaks. The watch is characterized by such signature features of the brand’s timekeeping creations as retrograde hands and digital jumping hours.

The bronze case of the Gerald Genta Gefica Kilimanjaro watch measures 42.5mm in diameter. The outer edge of the bezel, the lower part of the case-band, as well as the domed winding crown all feature original titanium beads.

The three-dimensional snow-white dial of the Gefica Kilimanjaro curves inward towards its center. The dial is composed from two superimposed semi-circular sections decorated with a horizontal line motif, as well as the concave applied scales crafted in bronze.
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Gerald Genta Offers Gefica New Timepiece
Inspired by the jazz beat, the Gerald Genta Gefica model, in a limited edition of 50 items, is a novelty in the brand’s boutiques.

The second timepiece, manufactured solely for the Gerald Genta boutiques in Geneva, Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai is presented with the “blue note” offered for the first time.

Suggested by the expressiveness of Afro-American music, this tone happens to be an ideal one for the Gefica, which came into the world in Africa and realized the dream of three friends - wildlife adventures’ ardent lovers.

The captivating blue shade of the dial and the strap made of alligator leather complements the bronze and titanium construction with an absolute hip touch.

Born in 1988, the Gefica was fully produced from bronze, a new material in watchmaking. Preferred for natural matt look, bronze tends to acquire a special patina in a while: so it behaves quite independently, joined to the wrist of a timepiece wearer.

The new Gerald Genta Gefica watch, initially released in 2007, is extremely charming. The timepiece features beaded titanium rings arrayed around the case middle and the crown.

The watch’s flared case with the size ranging from 42.5 mm in diameter on the wrist to 46.5 mm on the surface, is perfect for lots of different people to wear.

A concave outer ring, with a curved central seconds hand, which glides over the dial, dips the latter towards the centre.

The core of this complex structure is presented by Genta’s favorite functions: jumping hours along with retrograde minutes as well as date.

These complications are activated by means of the automatic Biretro movement. In this horological item the movement that can be seen through the sapphire crystal case-back also demonstrates the concentric circular graining and Potter finish performed in old gold color.
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