Garucci Torre Del Greco Watch - Spectacular Functionality
The watchmaking scene is delighted to welcome a new Torre Del Greco model, manufactured by the brand of Garucci. Featured in three color variations, the timepiece is reserved specially for left-handers.

The new Garucci watch has borrowed its name from the renowned coral jewellery city of Naples. The real draw of the model is its dial, which represents a mesmerizing blend of black and shining coral red, intense yellow or reserved white.

The display comprises four Arabic numerals. Positioned at 3, 6, 9 and 12 oclock and dressed in the aforementioned colors, they stand out against a dark background. The numbers alternate with stick-shaped hour-markers, performed in the same ovetone. Keeping pace of hours and minutes are centralized transparent hands. The dial is enhanced by two additional counters, outlined in black.
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