Top Ten Gadget Watches
This watch phone gadget is created in sporty style. It is compatible with USA GSM cell phone providers using a SIM card such as Cingular, T-mobile, AT&T, etc. read more

Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Watch - Ideal for Travelers, Aviators and Trotters
The Citizen Skyhawk A-T introduced by the brand in 2007 is a powerfully designed men's watch aimed at gadget lovers and aviation fans. Based on the 15-year history of the Skyhawk line, the timepiece has smartly combined Citizen's Eco-Drive movement with atomic timekeeping (A-T) technology and a new design read more

Ulysse Nardin Chairman - First Mechanical Cell Phone Ever
Ulysse Nardin, in close cooperation with the European company SCI Innovations, has created a one-of-kind cell phone named the Ulysse Nardin Chairman. In fact, the Chairman is the first mechanical telephone in the world!

The hybrid smart phone is based on well-cherished values of the prestigious Swiss watchmaking brand and its remarkable horological heritage. Moreover, the gadget boasts most advanced technological features of today.

The Ulysse Nardin Chairman has maintained the iconic elements of other creations of the brand. The screw-down push-piece demonstrates the emblematic anchor. The cell phone has also incorporated the signature Ulysse Nardin rotor, the beauty of which is visible through the back of the cell phone.  read more

Suunto D4 - Great Discovery for Divers
With the Suunto D4, you can easily download data from the gadget watch to the Suunto Dive Manager PC desktop software with help of the data transfer function.The Suunto D4 watches, developed as highly functional and user-friendly dive computers, are sure to become true bestsellers among divers. read more

Suunto Observer Black Collection - Dare for More Outdoor Adventures!
The Suunto Observer Black Collection gadget watch has a large white-on-black display with big luminescent numerals and a bright electro-luminescent backlight, so you can easily read all the indications even in dark or dimly lit conditions.The timepiece is delivered in an exclusive black gift-and-storage box, a great thing for storing and protecting the watch when not on the wrist. read more

Top Ten Bestseller LED Watches
Our Top Ten Bestseller LED Watches introduces you into the world of the most eye-catching and technically advanced timepieces to become great timekeeping companions for computer geeks, gadget kids and avid fans of science fiction books and movies … just anyone who wants to have fun! 1. The LED Binary Watch - Blue is an amazing watch that shows time in binary format. read more

New Cell Phone Watch - All Functions Packed in One
The Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch is a sim-unlocked tri-band operation mobile phone equipped with the widest range of functions.

Just imagine a cell phone watch gadget with color touch-screen, built-in microphone and speakers, personal organizer, Bluetooth, a variety of multimedia functions, wireless MP3 listening, not to mention a built-in digital camera. The watch goes with a stylus to allow most precise navigation.

Those who can't help taking images and shooting video may enjoy using the built-in camera of the cell phone watch and then send them to their friends over the mobile phone network.

With the Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch, it's really easy to make a call with help of the Bluetooth headset, or by applying the built-in microphone and speakers.

The gadget watch gets charged and transfers the data via USB.

The watch is secured to the wrist on a durable rubber blend strap, with gun metal gloss surround and chrome detailing.

The kit is supplied with two batteries, 512 MB micro SD card, as well as charger and a Bluetooth headset.

In short, the gadget watch is packed with all of the features of a cell phone, so its owner will never get disappointed when he lefts his cell phone at home or somewhere else.

Before you make up your mind to buy the Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch, pay attention that the cell phone watch is compatible with GSM at 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz only.

Find your Super Cool Mobile Phone Wrist Watch
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New Sony Ericsson MBW-200 Bluetooth Watch for Bold Ladies
The gadget watch also incorporates a row of dedicated music playback keys, so the timepiece may be used as a remote control for a music-centric cell phone.The Sony Ericsson MBW-200 Bluetooth watch will only work with Sony Ericsson cell phones, though special applications have been developed by third parties to allow the gadget to interface with Windows Mobile and Symbian-powered smartphones.  read more

Amazing Cell Phone Watch
This new cell phone watch is the best gadget ever. It looks like a common wristwatch. It is small and very convenient to use. All you have to do is to put the sim card in.

The cell phone watch rings just like a regular cell phone and has 40 ring tones stored in its memory, so you can set it to ring ny ring tone that you like.

The gadget also has the Bluetooth technology built in, so you can use any accessories that you might need. One more advantage is the memory for storing up to 99 phone numbers.

They say you can even send SMS messages with this gadget phone. read more

Wristwatch Made of Electronic Paper
This gadget watch appeared as a result of cooperation of the Seiko Watch Company, the Seiko Epson and the E Ink Company. It has a display made of electronic paper. The creators of the watch managed to unite in one gadget electronic paper and a watch mechanism.

The watch looks like a bracelet about 3.5 cm wide. The paper itself is 9 cm x 3 cm - a pretty big screen showing the time. On the bottom of the paper screen there are cool equalizer-like puzzles flashing and changing the shape. It looks really cool when you look at it. read more

Most Unusual Gadget Watches
The gadget watch is the Abacus Wrist PDA. This fully functional PDA on your wrist offers an address book, calendar, and a list of things to do. It has also incorporated some standard features that most of the PDAs have.

The gadget watch's screen is black-lit with a resolution of 160 x 160. The display is a touch-screen, so it is even easier to navigate the menu using a special stylus. This means you do not need many buttons so the watch has four of them. The PDA uses the 4.1.2 version of Palm OS. This OS has some standard applications and it is possible to download any applications you need to make it even more functional. The Abacus Wrist PDA is an ultimate personal digital assistant as downloading software is possible from any other device with Bluetooth.
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MintPass Contour Clock - In Spirit of Creativity
The MintPass Contour Clock is a newly styled timepiece that will never seem boring to you as you can easily shift its shape. The clock incorporates 24 concentric circular pipes that are sequentially positioned around the clock module. You can in no time rearrange the shape of the clock - you have just to pull or push the concentric pipes.

The clock acquires a range of original designs by manipulating the pipes. When pushing the circular pipes inward, the shape of the clock will look like the Coliseum in Rome. If you pull the pipes outward, the clock will resemble Pinocchio’s extended nose or a kind of a top hat, a telescope or mountainous area – its look actually depends on your creative thinking.

The clock also is provided with extra clock needles that can be bent or cut depending on the current clock design. The needles are thin and produced from a soft metal so it is not difficult to bend them.
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Reconvilier Hercules Golf Master Watch - Fine Gift for Golf Fans
The watch manufacture Reconvilier has enchanted golfers by launching its new Hercules Golf Master watch, a marvel of reliability and precision. Animating the watch’s functions is a mechanical self-winding movement - ETA 2892A, a COSC-certified chronometer. The innovative gadget watch is also equipped with a GPS application.

This clever combination offers golf-players an excellent opportunity to measure the distance to the green, front edge or centre. Expressed in meters or yards, this distance is displayed on one side of the watch. The other side, meanwhile, displays the analogue time in hours, minutes, seconds and the date.

The unique watch incorporates the revolutionary reversible “Rotar” mechanism. With just a single touch, you also get the digital display of time.
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