Franck Muller Watches - Abundance of Creativity and Talent

Sep 02, 2008
According to the results of the survey conducted the Luxury Institute of New York on the ultra-luxury watches segment, Franck Muller, appreciated by watch connoisseurs worldwide as a truly unique and exclusive brand, turned out to be the most prestigious purveyor in the segment.

With a score of 80/100 points, the House of Franck Muller is followed by other most prestigious luxury watch producers - Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Breguet. The participants of the survey determined the value of a brand according to such criteria as quality, exclusivity, and added value related to social status and customer experience.

The House of Franck Muller presents its customers with unforgettable experience of owning its timekeeping masterpieces, reflecting Franck Muller's belief that there are no boundaries for creativity. The watchmaker believes that Watchmaking is a field for continuous exploration where everything is to be created, recreated, reinterpreted, or reinvented.

In the period of the next five years, the House of Franck Muller works to become one of the leading producers and sellers of watch movements, concentrating on manufacturing movements on an industrial level in big quantities, reaching hundreds of thousands. Speaking about watch movements, Mr. Muller is particularly interested in the domain of the escapement. The lever escapement, not the simplest to produce, offers utmost reliability.

In the nearest future, the Franck Muller Group intends to become autonomous from the point of view of the balance spring, already setting up the foundations for the balance spring development, located in the Jura and Fribourg regions.

Franck Muller is also much interested in the research into innovative materials, and silicon in particular, as the material has a lot of advantageous characteristics, such as hardness, lightness, and surface states reducing friction. Being interesting as a part of the evolutionary concept, silicon is also easily breakable, not repairable and its shape varies when influenced by temperature.

Franck Muller is proud to say that his son just finished the Watchmaking School and is working with the Group. The watchmaking genius is pleased to transmit to his son his company's unique culture, original approach to design, and the way of conceptualizing movements.

The watchmaker has been traveling a lot lately, visiting the brand's markets, considering that Franck Muller success is not merely a marketing success, but based on true, loyal and firm relationships.

Since the time of the company's foundation, Franck Muller has reinvested the earnings into further development of the company, gradually integrating the production of dials, hands, crowns, and push buttons. Being much concentrated on the notion of 'group', Franck Muller is now a group offering its retail network a range of complementary brands.

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