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FVa N 6 Tourbillon Planetaire Skeleton SuperLigero Concept
The black titanium case of the Franc Vila watch features the 'Esprit Unique' shape with elliptic and circular bezel. The sapphire crystal and case back of the watch are provided with double sided anti-glare treatment. read more

FV Evos 8 Cobra Chronograph Large Date Automatic Watch from Franc Vila
Franc Vila unveils a new avant-garde timekeeping creation - the FV Evos 8 Cobra Chronograph Large Date Automatic. The extremely sporty yet refined timepiece will perfectly match the wrist of those who highly appreciate exclusive luxury timepieces and those who go in for extreme sports, including intense water activities.

The new Franc Vila Cobra watch features the signature elliptical Esprit Unique case design. The case is based on an original combination of materials, finishes and textures. The case construction is provided with protective carbon fiber inserts to ensure 300-meter water- resistance. The case is crafted in DieHard Extreme steel or 18K red gold.

The bezel demonstrates a vertically grained brushed pattern and polished bevels. It is crafted from steel, or 18K gold and polished carbon fiber.
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FVa Cuatro 5-Day Tourbillon Chronograph - New Franc Vila Wonder
The innovative nature of the Franc Vila watch is proven by the fact that it accommodates the first ever movement with a chronograph with its entire mechanism found on the dial-side. The chronograph mechanism reveals the column wheel at 12 o'clock. read more

FVa 15 Column Regulator Automatic Watch from Franc Vila
The multi-function Franc Vila watch collection has been joined by the FVa 15 Column Regulator Automatic watch. The timepiece boasts an extremely modern classic hour regulator display.

The Franc Vila watch is also characterized by a sophisticated dial, an alliance of brushed metal and sapphire with meteorite, for the first time used by the brand.

The Franc Vila Fva15 Column Regulator Automatic timepiece displays the signature Esprit Unique double ellipse case made of "DieHard Extreme Steel". It is this very form that sets this model apart from other timepieces. read more

FVa N 6 Tourbillon Planetaire Skeleton SuperLigero Concept from Franc Vila
To develop a movement with superb characteristics in a material with remarkable properties, Franc Vila used the experience of disciplines not traditionally applied to High-End Watchmaking.The case of the FVa N 6 Tourbillon Planetaire Skeleton SuperLigero Concept catches attention due to 'Esprit Unique' shape with elliptic and circular bezel. read more

Franc Vila Creates Bold FVa8Ch Bicentenario Sergio Perez Watch
Franc Vila is pleased to unveil its FVa8Ch Bicentenario Sergio Perez watch, the official timepiece of the GP2 driver to debut in F1 the following year as a member of the Sauber team.

The watchmaking company has recently signed the sponsoring agreement with the 20-year old Mexican driver, having appreciated his remarkable achievements in the challenging world of racing.

The FVa8Ch Bicentenario Sergio Perez watch demonstrates the colors of the Mexican flag, paying tribute to the bicentenary of the independence of Mexico. You will notice the driver’s initials that substituted the numerals 1 and 11, celebrating his victories in the GP2 championship.
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Franc Vila Creates FV Evos N 1 Cobra Tourbillon Planetaire Watch
The renowned “Cobra” collection from the top watch company Franc Vila has been joined by a new timepiece named the FV Evos N1 "Cobra" Tourbillon Planetaire. The line experienced its world premiere at Baselworld 2009. Its overwhelming success encouraged the brand to enlarge this collection with an item, designed in a classical style. This remarkable novelty is a respectful nod to Frank Vila’s beginnings.

According to the brand’s founder, the Cobra watches became hugely popular with the audience, after they had been unveiled in Basel last year. Therefore, to satisfy the further expectations of the demanding public, the watch company has developed a new mind-blowing complication. Classical elements, introduced in the structure of the new timekeeper, serve as a bridge between the beginnings of the brand and its evolution. The watch is instantly identifiable thanks to the FV N 1 tourbillion, the brand’s signature complication.  read more

Franc Vila FVa No Cuatro Tourbillon Chronograph SuperLigero Concept
In 2009, Franc Vila unveils a new SuperLigero tourbillon watch – the Franc Vila FVa No Cuatro Tourbillon Chronograph SuperLigero Concept.

The new watch shows the signature Franc Vila elliptical "Esprit Unique" case that accommodates a skeletonized movement made of Lightnium. This unique alloy is a union of aluminum and lithium. The alloy is strong and at the same time elastic, and remarkably improves durability of the caliber's structure of bridges. The case incorporates a sapphire crystal front and back with double anti-reflective coating.

The movement of the timepiece incorporates bridges, with the design suggested by the molecular structure of grapheme, a recently-discovered material. read more

Franc Vila FVa35 SuperSonico 5-Minute Repeater Watch - Classic Complication and Contemporary Design
The challenging world of horology has recently welcomed a new FVa35 SuperSonico 5-Minute Repeater watch, manufactured by Franc Vila.

A part of the brand’s SuperLigero Concept collection, the new watch has been created in complete alignment with its philosophy: it represents a modern and complicated watch, capable of coping with tough sports activities.

This breathtaking creation incorporates a 5-minute repetition complication. The clear sonority is achieved due to a clever combination of Lightnium and titanium, employed in manufacturing of the watch case.

The issue of the new Franc Vila watch is strictly limited to 88 pieces.

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Franc Vila EVOS 8 Cobra Estrella Roja Watch - New Star of the Brand
On the occasion of the first Spanish football World Cup win, Franc Vila has issued a special edition of its enthusiastically received Cobra collection.

The new EVOS 8 Cobra "Estrella Roja" watch proudly exposes the Spanish squad colors and a star. These elements pay tribute to the sweeping victory, which was a long-held dream for an army of football fans from Spain.

The "Estrella Roja" watch, meaning “red star” when translated from Spanish, is constructed around a top-quality mechanical self-winding movement - Caliber FV8Ch. read more

Franc Vila Presents FV EVOS 8Ch Cobra Yellow Edition Watch
The spectacular FV EVOS 8Ch Cobra Yellow Edition watch from the renowned watch manufacture Franc Vila has recently arrived to the challenging Swiss watchmaking scene.

The Franc Vila Cobra collection has captured attention of the brand’s admirers by its signature esprit unique watch-case, reinterpreted in a modern way. The new case will surely appeal to enthusiasts of extreme sports. Developed and created specially for intense underwater activities, the watches from this line are capable of withstanding water pressures down to 300 meters. The Cobra watches are also outfitted with carbon fiber inserts, which serve to optimize the level of protection, required for the most exigent sports.

To its benefit, the FV EVOS 8Ch Cobra watch is a true sports watch, and elegant enough for most any affair. This horological marvel is powered by a reliable self-winding hand-finished mechanical movement - Caliber FV8Ch. The complicated movement incorporates a gold concept rotor, exclusively created in the brand’s workshops. read more

Franc Vila Reveals Fvt28 Jumping Hours Ivy Edition
The prominent watchmaking house Franc Vila is proud to announce its new horological accomplishment, named Fvt28 Jumping Hours "Ivy Edition" . A distinctively feminine interpretation, the new Franc Vila watch accommodates a self-winding Fvt28 calibre movement, which provides functions of jumping hours, minutes and seconds.

Embellished with 27 jewels, this mechanism incorporates an exclusive Franc Vila "Gold Concept" rotor. The movement offers a 42-hour power reserve.

The new brainchild from Franc Vila employs a case, sculptured in DieHard Extreme steel. Produced in special "Esprit Unique" shape, it is fitted with an elliptical and circular bezel. This model has been manufactured in a variety of case versions.  read more

Enjoy Franc Vila Selenity Master Quantieme Automatique Watch - Graceful and Strong
Franc Vila is delighted to decorate a modern lady’s wrist with its new Selenity Master Quantieme Automatique watch.

Inspired by the models from 1940s and 50s, the new Franc Vila watch stands out due to its unconventional date display.

The date function, skillfully allied with that of the moon-phase, can be read off with help of a skeletonized hand, turning over an appealing counter at 6 o’clock.

Two separate rectangular apertures, in charge of month and day of the week indications, are revealed in the upper part of the display. Taking care of hours and minutes are open-worked central hands, crafted from steel. They are joined by an elegant slim seconds hand, dressed in deep blue.
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New Franc Vila Lady's Watch - Ivy Edition
The famous watchmaking house Franc Villa proudly unveils its first women’s “Ivy Edition” watch, which is offered as a part of the novel “Tribute” collection. The watch has been reserved specially for refined women with strong character.

Inside this exclusive timekeeper from Franc Villa is the high grade mechanical self-winding FV28 calibre movement, which functionality includes jumping hours, minutes and seconds. Paved with 27 rubies, this movement incorporates the brand’s exceptional “Gold Concept Rotor” . The complicated FV28 calibre offers a 42-hour power reserve.

The watch is offered in two different versions: a blue one and a white one. Sculptured in DieHard Extreme Steel, the blue interpretation is studded with 387 diamonds with a total weight of 2.45 carats. Both the bezel and the lugs of the model are set with the gem-stones. read more

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