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F.P.Journe Unveils New Chronometre Bleu Watch
The famous watchmaker F.P.Journe has released its newest Chronometre Bleu watch, which demonstrates unparalleled chronometric features, taking this model to the totally new frontiers in terms of high exactitude.

The 39mm case of the novel timekeeper is rendered in tantalum: a rare dark grey metal, featuring blue hues. Distinguished by a high degree of corrosion and wear-resistance, tantalum, however, is not commonly employed in the manufacture of timepieces, since this material has a density of 16.3 and requires a very high fusion temperature of 3000°, so it extremely difficult to work with.

The chrome blue dial coordinates perfectly with the color of the case, performed in an up-to-date manner. The hands, exposed on the watch dial, make a fine match with massive Arabic numerals, presented in cream color. The guilloche seconds counter, located at 7.30, echoes the main dial appearance. read more

"Best Of The Best" 2009 Accolade Presented to F.P. Journe Watch
The technically outstanding Repetition Minutes Souveraine timekeeping companion from the celebrated watch manufacture F.P. Journe has been presented Robb Report's Best of the Best 2009 accolade.

Every year Robb Report bestows its Best of the Best awards on luxury goods and services distinguished by their unrivalled top quality.

Both watch lovers and experts in the field of horology have appreciated the F.P. Journe Repetition Minutes Souveraine model’s exceptional gracefulness and mechanical design since its original appearance in 2008.

The renowned complexity of the minute repeater coordinates well with an accentuated user-friendliness, operational reliability, as well as optimal acoustic performance for the gongs.

In the tradition of all FP Journe timepieces, the mechanical movement is a unique in-house manufactured device and it demonstrates bridges rendered in 18-karat pink gold.

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New F.P. Journe Octa Perpetuelle Watch
The F.P. Journe Octa collection has been joined by a new exclusive timepiece that has become the eighth member in the family. The watch offers the prestigious perpetual calendar complication. The creation of the timepiece celebrates the fifth anniversary of the brand’s first boutique in Tokyo. It will be issued in a limited edition of just 99 pieces worldwide.

The case of the new F.P. Journe Octa Perpetuelle watch measures 40mm in diameter. It is crafted in titanium. Being of a more complex mechanical nature, the new watch still maintains the same thickness as other timepieces in the Octa collection.

The F.P. Journe Octa Perpetuelle watch is animated by the exclusive FPJ 1300-3 caliber, highly appreciated for its technical and aesthetic perfection. The timepiece was unveiled on May 29th in the Tokyo boutique.  read more

F.P.Journe Chronometre a Resonance Watch - Unequalled Precision Behind Exciting Exterior
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Chronometre a Resonance collection, the horological company F.P.Journe has released a new edition of the famous timepiece.

A major accomplishment in the world of horology, the new Chronometre a Resonance unique watch boasts an unprecedented accuracy, acquired due to utilizing the natural resonance phenomenon.

It was in 1840, when French watchmaker Antide Janvier for the first time applied the resonance phenomenon in the horological science. Having noticed that these waves produced negative effects on clocks, the master carried out his own research as to how to use them in the operating of regulators.
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F.P. Journe Opens Its Watch Boutique In New York City
A great number of universally famous watch-making houses regard a depressed economic situation as a chance to concentrate on the future.

New York City, which has become an American center for timepiece brands, is heartily welcoming new leading stores, opened by the renowned watch manufacturers.

In this regard, F.P. Journe, a famous watch-making house with an annual output of several thousand pieces, will be the latest newcomer to New York City. By opening its flagship boutique in America, F.P. Journe expresses its devotion to the American market as well as its readiness to embrace a rebounded economy in future.

Establishing a US retail store is an extremely important and responsible business event for any watch-making firm.

Both need for holding inventory and drain in the watches available result in customs issues. Besides, there appears the issue of servicing. The luxury watch specialists are known for having inextricably long watch service turn-around times. The number of qualified watchmakers, meanwhile, is rather small – especially in America.

This is not the first store, opened by F.P. Journe in America: for the moment it owns a smaller shop in Boca Raton, Florida. However, the New York City location will be a flagship boutique with a larger inventory. It is also planned to be a service center.

You will be able to find the store at 721 Madison Avenue. Its opening will take place in November 2009.
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Boutique F.P. Journe Tokyo Unveils Octa Perpetuelle Timepiece
The Octa Perpetuelle is a new Anniversary watch, demonstrating an exclusive perpetual calendar. The prestigious limited edition of 99 items has been launched to mark the F.P. Journe Boutiques’ worldwide network with the 5th Anniversary of the first Boutique in Tokyo.

The first speech at the event was delivered by His Excellency, the Swiss Ambassador in Japan, Mr. Paul Fivat. It was followed by Francois-Paul Journe’s World Premiere presentation of the innovative model Octa Perpetuelle, which took place in front of a flowered clock’s fine-scale replica of the Geneva’s English Garden.

In 2001, F.P.Journe unveiled the OCTA line, including mechanical timekeeping companions with a self-winding movement, distinguished by an extraordinary power reserve of 5 days or 120 hours. All the models’ cases demonstrated the same thickness despite the complications available.

The 8th OCTA product, the Octa Perpetuelle, enlarges the collection of the automatic winding calibre signed F.P. Journe - Invenit et Fecit.

Lots of collectors welcomed at the event looked forward to this product, offering a perpetual calendar. According to the guests, this line proved to be an eloquent confirmation of Swiss watchmaker’s creative genius and novel technical skills.

Then, the guests were treated to specialties of Marseilles, Francois-Paul Journe’s birthplace, around a Provencal buffet served together with sea savours cooked by a true French chef.

The evening continued in a warm atmosphere with collectors showing their avid interest in F.P.Journe watches.

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Enjoy F.P.Journe Vagabondage II Watch
F.P.Journe is delighted to introduce its new Vagabondage II watch, which has a fascinating history behind. It can be traced to 2004, when Francois-Paul Journe manufactured an incredible timepiece to mark the 30th Anniversary of Antiquorum.

With this watch, F.P.Journe refused to stay on a beaten track: for the first time, it developed a model that was not round, featured a flat Tortue-shaped case as well as a dial without the brand’s signature. Presented in three different versions - rose, white and yellow gold - this limited edition timekeeper was sold at Geneva Charity auction for three times its value.

A true shaker of the horological world, the collection described had a worthy successor in a new platinum line, issued in a limited series of 69 units. Each piece housed an 18K rose gold movement. This edition was snatched up without publicity of any kind.
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F.P. Journe Opens "Tools Of Ancient Watchmaking" Exhibition
Connoisseurs of both fine timekeeping companions and watchmaking history will be offered an exclusive opportunity to see the tools of the horological craft, displayed for viewing sessions at a charming exhibition called "Tools of Ancient Watchmaking".

Arranged by the manufacture F.P. Journe at 40 rue de la Synagogue,1204 Geneve, it will be held from the current date through October 30th, 2009.

The renowned haute horlogerie manufacturer’s showroom will open to view its noteworthy exhibits: one of the world’s finest collections of conventional watchmaking tools, embracing the period of almost 300 years, from the 18th to the early 20th century.

Guests can admire more than fifty historical gems with lathes, machines for performing common guilloche work, milling and rounding up tools as well as various kinds of watchmaker's benches among them.

The F.P. Journe "Tools Of Ancient Watchmaking" Exhibition will be open 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 6:00PM.

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Welcome F.P.Journe Octa Sport Indy 500 Limited Series Watch
To commemorate Jean Alesi’s participation in the Indianapolis 500-mile race, F.P.Journe unveils its new Octa Sport Indy 500 Limited Series watch. The timekeeper is limited to 99 pieces, numbered 501 to 599.

The new F.P.Journe watch has been conceived specifically for those who opt for a sportive lifestyle. It is powered by a high-horology automatic movement. The blackened case, 42mm in diameter, is crafted from high-technology aluminium alloy applied in the Aeronautics. You will be surprized by the lightness of the timepiece – it weighs just 53 grams.

The sides of the case are provided with speial rubber inserts in order to protect the timepiece from any shocks. The crown and the folding clasp, featuring an engraving of the F.P.Journe signature, are also provided with a rubber coating.
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