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Top Ten Quartz Watches for Men
The Casio G-Shock men's digital watch, equipped with the latest technology, is a powerfully styled sports watch. It is solar-powered (no need for battery change) and wirelessly gets atomic time updates. read more

Top Ten Gadget Watches
Casio Men's Techmowear Remote Control Digital Watch #CMD40B-1T is a fantastic gadget watch, a real must-have for anyone that is a gadget-fan, or can never find the remote. The device allows you to control televisions without any need to set it up with a remote control. read more

Top Ten Bestseller Watches for Women
The women's digital watch is packed with a variety of sports timekeeping features. The shock-resistant timepiece offers a 1/100-second stopwatch with a 60-minute measuring capacity and elapsed time, split time, 1st/2nd place time modes, and a 24-hour countdown timer. read more

High Quality OLED Watches with Lasting battery & Matrix Display
For technology buffs and watch enthusiasts alike OLED has proven to be an interesting technology, as it enables watch makers to combine a vivid way to display time and also introduces new features to watches in general.

However, the few choices of OLED watches on the market are either not bright enough or need regular recharging via a USB port / power supply.

If you are looking for a watch that is readable in daylight and does not require regular charging, the APUS Alpha and Beta models are just the right thing for you. With regular use, the battery will last a year or even longer. Thanks to the sealed case (30m water resistant) it can also get wet, although swimming and bathing are not recommended (as 50 or 100m water resistance would be required for that).

At the touch of a button the time is displayed, followed by the date, 2 alarms, a timer or countdown and the second time zone. The watch can be programmed to AM/PM format, or to the 24h format.

For friends of flexible and light straps the Alpha (starting at EUR 129,95) with its comfortable leather strap is perfect, for steel enthusiasts the Beta model (starting at EUR 154,95) combines an all stainless steel case with the stainless steel bracelet.

You may see it in action here: read more

Suunto D4 - Great Discovery for Divers
The timepieces from the line provide standard features of a digital watch, including 12/24 hour display, dual time, daily alarm, date, and stopwatch with split time. The owner of the D4 can switch between four modes:time mode when he is not diving, free dive mode when he is diving without a tank, air mode when he is diving with standard air, nitrox when he is diving with different gas mixtures. read more

Ventura Presents v-tec Sigma Watch
The watch manufacture Ventura has surprised its admirers by launching an intriguing v-tec Sigma watch. Due to its futuristic design, the brand’s new product has become an important part of Nicolas Cage’s recent movie Bangkok Dangerous.

Designed by the esteemed Swiss master Paolo Fancelli, the winner of numerous prizes, the new Ventura watch is included into the Ventura collection. The up-to-date models from the line mentioned are distinguished by their impeccable style.

The new exciting Ventura watch is powered by a quartz movement - VEN04 calibre produced entirely in the brand’s workshops. Equipped with a patented EasySkroll operating system, this mechanism offers an array of useful functions. The range includes T1/Date, T2/Date 2, T1 and T2 alarm indicators, a perpetual calendar, chronograph, countdown function, 12-hour or 24-hour display, as well as 3 date formats. read more

Digital Time - Analog Motion
Quadtec is the world’s first digital timepiece displaying visual quarterly time periods moving around each hour
centered in the watch face. An innovative concept, quadtec is about filling in those missing moments. It is a new
experience in time management presented by its designers, Mr. Berj Terzian and Mr. Robert A. Brodmann.
 read more

Top Ten Bestseller LED Watches
Specially for Transformer Fans! Transformers Digital Watch #TRF0008 is a stylish retro-inspired digital watch. The distinctive feature of the watch is a stealth, push-to-display red digital readout read more

Top Ten Digital Watches
The digital watch can memorize up to 16 sets of infrared data. Besides that the Casio watch is provided with 8 digit calculator, 1/100 second stopwatch, daily alarm, hourly time signal, and auto calendar read more

Suunto Core Light Green for Outdoor Adventures
The Suunto Core Light Green is a highly functional outdoor watch.

This is an altimeter/barometer/compass watch. Inspite of the fact that the timepiece is packed with a great variety of functions, it is extremely easy to use due to its thoughtful design

The Suunto watch offers three main modes, Time, Altimeter/Barometer and Compass, with each mode having different views you select with help of the View button.

The bit-mapped display allows spelled-out menu choices for easy watch operating.

When you hold the Mode button, the progress bar is racing around the screen, thence to setting mode. It is completely menu-driven, using full words in English, but it is possible to switch to other languages, including German, Spanish, and French.

The full-word interface, along with the button cues, makes the Suunto Core Light Green the simplest ABC watch one may find. The logical layout of the menus and modes is a really strong point of the Suunto watches.

The pressure sensor of the Core watch is developed to work underwater, and can measure depth down to 10 meters. Great feature if you enjoy snorkeling!

The Altimeter/Barometer mode includes the logbook, or electronic data recorder. The data recorder periodically saves current altitude, displaying it as a graph. It is possible to save, recall and view them, together with calculated values such as ascent and descent rates.

The Compass mode applies a solid-state electronic compass, provided with declination correction. Since the compass requires a lot of power, the watch stops it after a few seconds of displaying a heading, but to bring it back all you have to do is to touch the Start button.

The case construction of the Suunto watch boasts light weight, smooth shape, low profile and vented strap. An ideal timekeeping companion for hiking!

The price for the Suunto Core Light Green ranges from 175 to 250 dollars.

Look through the watch's major characteristics:

  • Altimeter/Barometer/Compass

  • Temperature sensor

  • Pressure sensor

  • Alarm, stopwatch and countdown timer

  • Dual time zone

  • Sunrise and sunset times display

  • Data logbook for altitude/pressure or depth

  • Storm alarm and barometric pressure trends

  • 100-meter water-resistance

  • User-replaceable CR-2032 battery

  • Bidirectional bezel featuring N/S/E/W markings.

  • Bitmapped LCD display with green backlighting.

Look through the discounted selection of Suunto Core watches:

 read more

E Ink Watches
E INK display technology is making a foray now into the wristwatch segment not unlike the first Seiko, and Gruen digital LCD watches launched in the early 1970's.

Art Technology Ltd recently announced the launch of its new Phosphor branded luxury chronometers, featuring a dual Analog-Digital wristwatch using E Ink. read more

Timex Ironman Solar Shock - Discover All-Time Bestseller
The Timex Ironman Solar Shock watch with its black and orange case and large screen is one of the all-time bestsellers. This is a sporty-styled, simple and extremely user-friendly digital watch providing a wide range of features, including a solar-powered quartz movement, shock-resistant case and Indiglo back light. The price of the Timex watch is more than affordable (around 80 dollars).

The high contrast screen of the watch with big numbers allows to read the time at a glance. The date, including a two-letter day, is featured at the top of the display. The great advantage of the Timex watch is its solar-powered movement. The charge symbol represents a battery right in the center of the screen between the date and the time.

Timex has fitted this model with standard features provided by the majority of their digital watches: a chronograph, timer, and multiple alarms. All the features are managed with help of five buttons, including one dedicated Indiglo button and one button found below the screen.

The case of the Timex Ironman Solar Shock watch goes on the resin strap and sits perfectly on the wrist.

 read more

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