DeWitt WX-1 - Far More Than a Watch

May 28, 2008
WX-1, unveiled by the House of DeWitt, is a unique merge of design, futurism, and sophisticated construction. Far more than a watch, WX-1, based on authentic technological innovations and exclusive aesthetics, reflects the brand's philosophy of doing things its own way.

The WX-1 is equipped with a vertical flying tourbillon with a carriage that performs one revolution per minute. One can admire it through a cylindrical 'chimney' found on the case-back.

The mechanical hand-wound movement incorporates a parallel going train with five barrels to provide a remarkable 21-day power reserve (equal to about 504 hours). All the parts of the engine, including barrels, gear train, tourbillon carriage, power-reserve indicator and winding device, are arranged in vertical order.

The coaxial roller displays the power reserve, while the two rotating discs provide the reading of the time of day. The first disc shows the minutes, turning clockwise, while the second one shows the hours, turning counter-clockwise with help of a smart gear system mounted on six runners.

WX-1, rightfully considered a machine of the future, has incorporated a revolutionary mechanism striking by an innovative construction. Being at variance with common practice, the information display is disengaged from the movement driving mechanism.

The going train, which serves as propeller shaft, transfers the time measuring indications to the hour and minute discs. One can slide the 'hood' or 'bonnet' of the construction to view the entire mechanism the display and the movement accommodated beneath a transparent covering plate.

The creators of the WX-1 paid much attention to the materials for the movement construction to make it extremely light and resistant. They produced all the parts of the supporting structure of the WX-1 movement - mainplate and bridges - from an aluminium-lithium alloy. The movement weighs just 27 grams. The aluminium-lithium alloy is an ultra high-tech material characterized by exceptional performances and widely applied in the aeronautical industry. The 16.04-mm thick construction of the WX-1 movement, composed of 458 parts, has acquired remarkable lightness and reliability.

The case of the DeWitt WX-1 strikes both by its shape and dimensions. The sophisticated architectural construction comprises 370 parts, including a wide range of model components, a winding device and intricate sliding systems. It is crafted from grade 5 titanium and eloxed aluminium, the materials highly appreciated for their extreme characteristics. The total weight of the one-of-a-kind object is just 191 grams (compare it to about 600 grams that would be commonly expected from a case of such stature).

The WX-1 is equipped with two systems on the front and back of the case. The crown on the front is required for time-setting when pulled out to the first notch.

On the back of the case, one will be surprised to discover two cylindrical 'chimneys,' greatly reminding jet engines. One chimney provides a fascinating view of the tourbillon regulator at work, while the second houses the winding system of the watch. This winding device can be taken out from its recess when one activates the bolt found between the two cylindrical openings.

A specially-developed electronically-driven tool is necessary for winding the five barrels just in a few dozen seconds. This high-tech instrument has a 90-minute running time when fully charged. Rotating at 60 revs per minute and featuring a torque of 10 Newton/millimetre, it is powered by a lithium battery, so the user is able to wind the five barrels in just a few seconds, with help of a vertical switch. A wall charger or the USB socket on the back of the tool is used for recharging.

It is also possible to wind the WX-1 by hand with help of a second tool supplied with the timepiece.

WX-1 will be available in an extremely limited series. The timepiece comes with a desk stand accentuating its multi-dimensional and multi-functional status.

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