Delaneau Open Magic Watch - Dancing of Diamonds
Delaneau has provided a true delight to women with the presentation of its new Open Magic watch. A union of fine jewellery and mechanical watchmaking, it is featured in several versions.

The case of the new Delaneau watch is illuminated by the play of 54 baguette diamonds and 164 brilliant-cut diamonds. It can be also highlighted by the sparkle of 148 or 252 brilliant-cut diamonds. The winding crown at 6 o’clock is plain or paved with 28 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Housed in the case is a mother-of-pearl dial with 8 inlaid triangular patterns in onyx. Alternatively, the display can be performed in onyx with 8 inlaid triangular patterns in mother-of-pearl. It is embellished with 12 brilliant-cut diamonds, acting as hour-markers.
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DeLaneau Rectangular Dome Green Sunrays Watch - Created for Women of Taste
Lead by the talented and charismatic Cristina Wendt-Thevenaz, the timepiece manufacture DeLaneau is proud to unveil its captivating Rectangular Dome Green Sunrays lady’s watch.

This horological marvel successfully unites the subtle complexities of mechanical perfection and the delicate gem-setting technique. The new DeLaneau watch employs an 18-karat white gold angular case, designed in the Art deco style. It features the dimensions of 40 mm x 36 mm: width and height indicated respectively.

The case carries a graceful bezel, which presents a shimmering play of differently sized diamonds. The precious stones also brighten the surface of the U-shaped upper lug. The total number of jewels comes to 485 and their weight constitutes 3.68 carats.
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Delaneau Enchants with 1608 Invisible Lilly Watch
The timepiece manufacture Delaneau is delighted to present its enthralling lady’s watch, christened 1608 Invisible Lilly.

Reserved specially for a refined woman, the model draws and holds the eye with a bewitching flower of lily, sprinkled with pink sapphires and diamonds. The petals of the flower rest on a “carpet”, skillfully paved with baguette-cut diamonds.

The display of the new 1608 Invisible Lilly watch ensures jumping hours and minutes, indicated in separate apertures at 3 o’clock. The essential functions are governed by a time-setting crown, nestled at 3 o’clock.
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Delaneau Unveils Atame Miniature Ciel Watch
The house of Delaneau has recently stunned the competitive horological world with the presentation of its Atame Miniature "Ciel" lady’s watch. The brand’s exclusive highlight, it employs a white gold case, which features the dimensions of 33.0 mm x 23.0 mm.

The thickness of this novelty constitutes 9.1 mm. The water-resistance of the model is ensured down to 30 meters. The surface of the new Delaneau watch is brightened by 142 baguette-cut diamonds and 115 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The mounting of these jewels represents a decorative challenge that required all the attention and virtuosity of the company’s qualified stone-setters. The overall weight of the precious stones totals to 4.66 carats and 1.26 carats respectively.
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Enjoy Delaneau Amazone Magnolia 1608 Enamelled Watch
The horological company Delaneau is delighted to take the wraps off it amazing Amazone "Magnolia" 1608 Enamelled watch, which will decorate the wrist of just one lucky woman. The new Delaneau watch is set in an 18K white gold case, which has a diameter of 42.0 mm. Its thickness, meanwhile, is 10.8 mm.

The surface of the case is brightened by 639 brilliant-cut diamonds, which overall weight totals to 3.78 carats. The timepiece is capable of withstanding water pressures down to 30 meters.

The real eye-catcher of the model presented is definitely its stunning dial, done in white-mother-of-pearl.It depicts an enameled decoration, represented by an enthralling flower of magnolia, surrounded by bright green leaves. The flower boasts a pistil, performed in charming ruby, which weight constitutes 0.07 carats.
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Delaneau Seduces Ladies with Amazone Blueberries 1608 Enamelled Watch
The house of Delaneau is understandably proud to introduce its one-of-a-kind Amazone Blueberries 1608 Enamelled lady’s watch. Extremely feminine, this horological creation exudes emotions of spectacular high jewellery art, gracefully united with its mechanical perfection.

The new Delaneau watch enchants the eye with its onyx dial. It exposes 20 blueberries, performed in blue sapphire cabochons. The overall weight of the jewels constitutes 2.11 carats. The blueberries are featured in the company of tender leaves, breathtakingly encrusted with 334 brilliant-cut diamonds. The weight of the precious stones totals to 0.66 carats.

The dial of the new Amazone Blueberries 1608 Enamelled watch is embraced by a 42 mm case, crafted from 18K white gold. It presents a shimmering interplay of 97 baguette-cut diamonds and 213 brilliant-cut diamonds with a total weight of 10.47 carats and 0.98 carat respectively. The model is built to be water-resistant up to 30 meters.
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Delaneau Amazone Psychedelic Circles Watch - Mesmerizing Design and Technical Mastery
The house of Delaneau gadly offers its new Amazone Psychedelic Circles limited edition watch, which will seduce any contemporary woman.

A combination of exquisite design and flawless technical mastery, the novelty is delivered in a 42mm white gold case. The water-resistance of the new Delaneau watch is assured down to 30 meters.

Housed in the case is a pink dial, embellished with mesmerizing circles. The latter are skillfully set with a multitude of diamonds. The display is embraced by a delicate bezel, set with two rows of diamonds. So are the model’s lugs.

The new Delaneau Amazone Psychedelic Circles watch indicates central hours and minutes. The black hands are powered by a self-winding mechanical movement, graced with haute horlogerie finishing. It runs at the rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour and provides a 72-hour power reserve.

A dark-toned strap further accentuates the elegance and refinement of the new Delaneau lady’s watch.
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DeLaneau Les Delicates Bracelet Watch - Created to Express True Feelings
The house of DeLaneau gladly decorates a lady’s wrist with its new Les Delicates Bracelet watch, which summons up a lot of romantic images. With its case, performed in the shape of a heart, the novelty is a perfect way to express true feelings, especially on Valentine’s Day.

The new DeLaneau watch is crafted from 18-carat white gold. Between 4 and 5 o’clock,it sports a winding crown. The case features a heart-shaped bezel, skillfully adorned with 24 baguette-cut rubies.

The 18-carat white gold dial is paved with 137 brilliant-cut diamonds. It whispers the time through central hours and minutes. The perfect readability of the new DeLaneau Les Delicates Bracelet watch is ensured by the black color of its hands.
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