Saqra Ego Zodiac Line From DeLaCour
Inspired by Chinese traditional astrology, deLaCour introduces a chic and clean collection, composed of twelve special designs. Each of them represents one of the twelve Chinese zodiac symbols, performed in pink gold and paved with white diamonds.

The black onyx dials of the line in question, housed in a blackened titanium case with 18K gold bezel and case back, are adorned with each of the twelve zodiac signs.

These watches, hand manufactured upon order, comprise diamond and baguette bezel settings, performed in white and pink gold.

To come with the timepiece, the line also embraces a pair of titanium and gold cufflinks. They are festooned with matching zodiac symbols, which accomplish the feel of bold confidence.

Produced in limited series of 88 items, this exclusive assemblage is intended for watch fans with a passion for bold statements and self-assertiveness.

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DeLacour Birepetition Watch Houses Christophe Claret Movement
Always progressive and hardly ever predictable are the proper words for describing a new deLacour watch. This innovative product stands out due to its extremely complex movement, created in collaboration with master movement maker Christophe Claret.

The novel Birepetition watch demonstrates two time zones, a double minute repeater - one for each time zone, a big date complication, as well as an extraordinary style of a moon phase indicator.

As far as the moon phase indicator is concerned, a shooting star is what deLacour implanted this celestial complication with. The complication ensures falling of a small golden shooting star through the moon phase display at various intervals.

It is unlikely to be put in practical use; having an aesthetic value, however, it contributes to the beauty of the haute horology world.

Each time zone is located on an adjoining retrograde hour dial, with a common minute hand that moves around the entire watch face. This is a plain and efficient solution, graceful and seemingly exclusive.

The large rose gold case accommodates Christophe Clarets complex hand-wound movement with a hex design on exposed areas that can be seen through the skeletonized dial.

Non-skeletonized dials are gradually forced out of the high quality watch novelties world.

The minute repeater is driven via the lever available on each side of the timepiece case - one for each time zone.
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