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De Bethune DB25T Tourbillon Regulator Watch - Charming Functionality
The timepiece maker De Bethune offers its devotees an enjoyable opportunity to discover its extraordinary DB25T Tourbillon Regulator watch.

The amazing novelty accommodates a manufactory-made hand-wound caliber DB2109 movement.

It is enriched with a silicon/titanium tourbillon carriage. With the weight equal to at 0.18 gram, this 50-part construction is regarded as the lightest of its type.

The caliber incorporates twin barrels, which work in parallel to deliver stable power for 100-hour autonomy. Paved with 45 jewels and artfully embellished with De Bethune stripes, the movement operates at a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour.
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De Bethune Unveils Dream Watch Two
The unique characteristics of the materials used and the remarkable manufacturing skills of the De Bethune watchmakers allowed the construction of a tourbillon without a cage. The tourbillon incorporates no heavy, cumbersome pillars of a traditional tourbillon. read more

De Bethune DB25 Special Edition Watch - Inspired by Nocturnal Sky
De Bethune has proudly issued its new DB25 Special Edition watch, to be officially unveiled at Only Watch 2011. Inspired by the nocturnal sky, the new De Bethune watch is delivered in a 44mm round-shaped case. It is crafted from white gold. At 3 o’clock, the case reveals a screw-down crown, which ensures setting in two positions.

The new De Bethune DB25 Special Edition watch boggles the public’s imagination with its flame-blued titanium dial. It exhibits a starlit sky above Monaco on January 8th 1297, when the rock was taken by Francois Grimaldi.

Standing out against a mesmerizing background are the Orion and Gemini constellations. The display is sprinkled with 105 stars - 91of them are in white gold and 14 are invisibly set diamonds.
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De Bethune DB26 Watch
In 2009, De Bethune is proud to present a new technically and aesthetically sophisticated watch - the DB26. The harmoniously designed case and the dial reveal high expertise of De Bethune master watchmakers. Moreover, the timepiece is animated by a new calibre, the DB2005, a perpetual calendar manufacture movement.

The dial of the De Bethune DB26 watch catches the glance by unconventional hands performed in sapphire and outlined by hand-blued steel. The hands offer perfect transparency. No matter what is the hands position, all the indications on the dial are absolutely easy-to-read, including the date, the day and the month.  read more

De Bethune DBS Watch Sparkling with Diamonds
De Bethune unveils a majestic interpretation of its iconic DBS watch. The timepiece will be available only upon individual order.

The case of the De Bethune DBS watch is crafted in 18K white gold. The jewelry creation sparkles with 104 baguette-cut diamonds, 633 brilliant-cut diamonds and 44 single cut-diamonds. The crown, found at 12 o'clock, is also diamond-set.

The outer part of the dial, paved with diamonds, shows off cabochon sapphires that replaced the hour markers. This dazzling outer part frames a flame-blued center, making one think of a clear night sky. Accentuating the nocturnal effect, the artisans of the brand drill micro-holes in the metal, expanded to acquire the shape of tiny stars, and then filled in with yellow gold.

The dial reveals the De Bethune signature three-dimensional, spherical moon-phase display. It is crafted from gold, and sparkles with diamonds and sapphires. Below the 6 o'clock hour marker you will notice the curved aperture of a power reserve indicator, presented via a small blued steel hand.

The De Bethune DBS jewelry watch accommodates an exclusive manually wound De Bethune movement - the DB2105 caliber. Besides the innovative moon-phase and power reserve complicated features, the movement, beating at a frequency of 28,800 alternations per hour, incorporates a unique escapement. Developed by Denis Flageollet, the balance wheel is crafted from a combination of two exceptional materials - platinum and titanium, featuring a spring with a flat terminal curve. A triple parachute anti-shock system provides the regulating organ with perfect protection. Due to the double mainspring barrels, the movement gives an advantage of a 6-day power reserve.

The De Bethune DBS watch embraces the wrist with an alligator leather strap fitted with a white gold ardillon buckle paved with 130 round brilliant diamonds.

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De Bethune DB28 Automatic Watch - Marriage of Complication and Aestheticism
The watchmaker De Bethune delights the public with the presentation of its new DB28 automatic watch.

The readily identifying attribute of this marvelous creation is the brand’s signature three dimensional moon-phase indicator. Crafted from platinum and blued steel, it is presented on an alluring skeletonized dial.

In fact, the part of the dial is performed by a hand-decorated main plate, integrated within the movement. Its open-worked structure permits a glance into a silicon/palladium balance wheel.
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de Bethune Reveals Majestic DB25 Moon Phase Watch
de Bethune is pleases to reveal its newest DB25 Moon phase watch. The timepiece demonstrates a fusion between the advanced technological elements and timeless traditions, being based on the brand’s core values.

Having joined the de Bethune DB25 family, the watch is animated by an innovative manually winding mechanical caliber, with the DB2105 movement used as its base. The movement provides a remarkable 6-day power reserve.

Rendered in rose gold or grey gold, the drum case of the de Bethune DB25 Moon phase watch measures 44.6mm in diameter. It incorporates a sapphire crystal, with a double-sided anti-reflective coating. The silvered gold dial is adorned with a hand-crafted guilloche work.

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New De Bethune Horological Achievements
in 2009, De Bethune unveils its new exceptional creation – a tourbillion in silicon and titanium that boasts to be the lightest in the world.

The development of the tourbillion took the Manufacture over two years. With a frequency of 36,000 alternations per hour, the tourbillion demonstrates an innovative design, developed specifically for a wristwatch, in comparison to other tourbillons that represent smaller variations of those used in pocket watches.

The form of the tourbillion seems to be inspired by the exo-skeleton of an insect. The structure of the cage is produced from silicon and titanium, avoiding the use of the conventional bulky pillars, but incorporating a U and S-shaped frame, also used as the seconds hand for utmost lightness.
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De Bethune DB16 Tourbillon Regulator Watch - Uncompromising Beauty
De Bethune proudly presents its new DB16 Tourbillon Regulator watch. The novelty reflects the classic codes of Fine Watchmaking. It boasts remarkable precision based on the patents and innovative features worked out by the brand’s research and development laboratory.

The signature De Bethune case, standing out by its cone-shaped lugs, measures 43 mm in diameter and is sculptured from pink gold. The case has been modeled and shaped to accommodate a mechanical hand-wound movement, DB2509 calibre, with its 30” tourbillon crafted in silicon and titanium.

Beating at a cadence of 36,000 vibrations per hour, the De Bethune tourbillon is on the list of the fastest and lightest tourbillons ever created. It is constructed from 57 parts and weighs just 0.18 grams. The sophisticated tourbillon is visible via the sapphire crystal case-back.
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De Bethune DB28 Skybridge Watch - Nocturnal Window on Infinity
De Bethune pleases watch-lovers with its new DB28 Skybridge watch. The novelty represents a breath-taking mixture of highly aesthetic ambition and peerless technical precision.

The first glance at the new De Bethune watch reveals its modern and futuristic nature. The ultra-light mirror-polished titanium case demonstrates the brand’s signature floating lugs. Some elements of the case have been inspired by pocket watches - the 12 o’clock crown and the hunter- type back.

The amazing dial of the timepiece is presented in the House’s distinctive blue, the color successfully used by the brand for the past eleven years. Featuring a concave shape, it has been created as a star-studded sky in mirror-polished and blued titanium. The spherical moon-phase display is accentuated by an arrow-like bridge as though pointing towards infinity.
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