De Bethune Unveils Dream Watch Two

Dec 10, 2008
The Dream Watch Two is an exceptional timepiece created by De Bethune. It boasts a majestic tourbillon created entirely from silicon and titanium and featuring neither a cage nor traditional pillars.

The tourbillion weighs less than 0.18 grams, implying a mass three times less than that of a common tourbillon. The unique characteristics of the materials used and the remarkable manufacturing skills of the De Bethune watchmakers allowed the construction of a tourbillon without a cage.

The tourbillon incorporates no heavy, cumbersome pillars of a traditional tourbillon. Instead, it incorporates a U and S-shaped structure, forming the tourbillon’s frame.

It is remarkable that it is constructed more on the model of an insect’s exo-skeleton than of a mechanical timepiece. The supple and smooth assembly rather reminds the Golden Gate Bridge than a traditional escapement.

The tourbillon comprises 53 pieces. The weight of the lightest piece is less than 0.0001 grams, while the weight of the heaviest is 0.0276 grams.

All the tourbillon pieces are shaped with help of nanotechnology and high-speed 5-axis machining. Compare it to the pieces of a standard tourbillon, with the heaviest part weighing 0.1150 grams and the lightest - 0.0170 grams.

Moreover, the ensemble incorporates the brand’s patented silicon-platinum temperature-compensated balance equipped with a balance spring with flat terminal curve. The silicon-platinum balance was suggested by the titanium-platinum balance originally developed in the De Bethune workshops in 2002.

This balance features four arms fitted with invar-and-brass bimetallic links. The bimetallic combination allows the compensation of any variations of the spring due to temperature. To be integral with the balance, four inertia blocks have been forced onto the extremities of the arms. The balance spring and the collet have been machined as a single piece. The lightness of the finished part makes it almost insensitive to shock effects.

The case of the Dream Watch Two is crafted in matt, burnished and polished platinum. You will notice the winding crown at 6 o’clock. The palladium lugs adapt themselves naturally to any size of the wrist.

The sober silvered white dial reveals unique hands – these are transparent sapphire hands enclosed within steel flame-blued by hand.

One more zest of the dial is the spherical moon. The one-of-a-kind moon phase reveals a half-sphere in platinum and a half-sphere in flame-blued steel. The moon rotates on its own axis, indicating the movement of the Moon exactly the way we can actually see it in the sky.

The moon is surrounded by the blued sky that features a little round window indicating the years of the leap-year cycle.

The original perpetual calendar demonstrates a traditional pointer-type date display, and the month and day indicated by two discs presented via generously sized apertures with flame-blued steel pointers pivoted on rubies.

The De Bethune watch also incorporates a minute repeater sounding on a bell, providing exceptional sheer volume and crystal-clear tone. The function is activated via the bezel.

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