DAVOSA Lady in Red - Classic Elegance
Davosa's range of the Black & White ladies' watches, launched under the motto Mechanics meet Fashion, has enjoyed tremendous success. Now the company is presenting fashion-forward ladies with one more majestic gift - DAVOSA Lady in Red. The timepiece will be available in a limited number of just 200 pieces. read more

Davosa Argonautic Watch - Professional Diving Features
When it comes to diving, the choice of the equipment is very important. The timekeeper must adhere to the diver’s watch stipulated criteria, because the individual’s life can really depend on it in the course of exploration of the sub-aquatic world.

The horological company Davosa has recently delivered its new Argonautic watch. The name of the model was a natural choice: it mirrors a high level of the model’s reliability. The name is borrowed from the Greek mythology, where the Argo was a ship on which the hero Jason and the Argonauts, his fellow adventurers, sailed to retrieve the Golden Fleece.

The new Davosa watch is equipped with an impressive array of professional diving features. It should be noted that professional divers spend days in the pressurized chambers where they breathe a chemical mix of gas, including helium.
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Davosa Black Ternos Limited Edition Watch - Exceptionally Coated
Davosa provides a true delight to its devotees by launching its new Black Ternos Limited Edition diver’s watch. Appealing both inside and outside, the new Davosa watch is proposed with a 40mm case. It is crafted from stainless steel with black PVD plating.

This exclusive coating considerably hardens the surface of the case. Its back side is marked with an individual number. The model is built to be 200-meter water-resistant.

Housed the case is a black dial. It is equipped with applied hour-markers. The display of the new Davosa Black Ternos Limited Edition watch ensures central hours, minutes, seconds and a date arranged at 3 o’clock.
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Davosa X-Agon Watch - Originality Rhymes with Success
The watchmaking house of Davosa has fascinated its admirers by launching its new X-Agon model, inspired by the Art-Deco style.

The marvelous timepiece demonstrates an elegant rectangular case, manufactured from stainless steel 316L. Composed of five individual, perfectly assembled parts, it has a width of 33 mm and a length equal to 37,5mm. The model is capable of withstanding water pressures down to 5 atm.

The flanks and back side of the new Davosa watch capture attention with their hexagonal shape. The case is equipped with screwed lugs and a fluted onion crown, positioned at 3 o’clock. The winding crown is marked with the Davosa star.
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