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'Panem et Circensis' from Daniel Strom and Rolf Knie
Daniel Strom has recently unveiled a line of timepieces designed with Rolf Knie, internationally famous Swiss-born artist. The Cruizer, a typical model, featuring neither round nor square shape, has served as the base for the watches.

Paying tribute to the magic world of the circus, Rolf Knie has named his creations Panem et Circensis (Bread and Games). However, you will not find any images of the circus on the Cruizer, as the artist preferred to express his artistic talent through stylizing elements of the timepiece's interior on the dial.

The words 'Panem et Circensis' are engraved on the right side of the case just near the push-pieces. The watch reveals an elegant and sporty design and makes one feel its resolutely modern character. The lettering that covers the space between the push-pieces unites with them into a kind of integral entity.

The 'Panem et Circensis' watch has been created in black and will be available at the retail price of 990 francs. The stainless steel version fitted with a bezel set with 46 dark quartz crystals will be available at the price of 1,290 francs.

Each model is produced in a limited number of 365 pieces.

The slightly curved case provides extreme comfort of wearing. The watch boasts 50-meter water-resistant.

The dial of the watch is protected by a glare-proof and scratchproof sapphire crystal. The counters with a mother-of-pearl surround display the same shape as the watch. The luminescent hands provide perfect readability in reduced light conditions.

The timepiece is equipped with a Swiss quartz chronograph movement, a guarantee of excellent precision. It is coupled with a perforated leather strap fitted with a folding clasp.
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Daniel Strom Agonium Draco Watch - Powerful and Charming
Daniel Strom is proud to present its new Agonium Draco watch. It is inspired by the dragon, which has always enchanted people with its extreme power and unbelievable command of fire and time. The oldest mythical being in the world, it has lent its enigmatic and powerful character to the new model.

The new Daniel Strom watch is made and finished by hand. Each item is specially created for the customer and can be personalized. The timepiece is delivered in a silver 925, gold, palladium or platinum case. The latter incorporates a stainless steel container, assembled with a double curved sapphire crystal with glare-proofed coating.

The new Daniel Strom Agonium Draco watch comes equipped with a black or bone-white dial. It is fitted with Arabic numerals. The dial indicates central hours, minutes and seconds by means of polished steel hands, white or red-gold plated. Animating the functions is an automatic mechanical caliber 2824 movement.
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