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Daniel Roth Endurer - Tenacity and Strength
Daniel Roth is proud to unveil its brand-new model named Endurer. The powerful design of the timepiece has been inspired by kendo, the oldest and most popular of the modern martial arts in Japan.

A kendoka wears a special mask that protects the face, head, shoulders and torso. The mask has a metal grid featuring 13 to 15 bars (depending on its size). Both the Endurer and kendo share a set of values such as endurance, tenacity, strength and sturdiness.

The face of the Daniel Roth Endurer watch fascinates by its extreme purity. It is completed with luminous markers divided by the minute circle. The glance is caught by the large date display at 12 o’clock. read more

Daniel Roth 220.Y Tourbillon 8-Day Perpetual Calendar
The tourbillon complication is one of greatest achievements of the Daniel Roth Manufactory, demonstrating a remarkable technical expertise of the brand. In 2008, Daniel Roth has gladdened the hearts of real watch connoisseur by the introduction of the Daniel Roth 220.Y Tourbillon 8-day perpetual calendar.

The front face of the sophisticated timepiece reveals the Daniel Roth straight-arm bridged tourbillon. You will notice a 200-hour power-reserve indicator, off-set hour and minute hands and an original three-arm seconds hand indicating the seconds across a graduated three-tier dial. The front face is protected by a double-sided antiglare treated sapphire crystal provided with unusual mineralized treatment.

The reverse side of the face is hidden in a secret flip-over casing. It demonstrates the perpetual calendar for day, month and date with leap year and a one-of-a-kind display of the moon-phases. read more

Daniel Roth Recreates its Ellipsocurvex Papillon Watch
Swiss luxury watch brand Daniel Roth has recreated its Ellipsocurvex Papillon watch. Now, the timepiece reveals not only the ingenuity of the one-of-a-kind mechanical time display but also the beauty of elegant gem-setting.

The case of the new luxurious versions of the Daniel Roth Ellipsocurvex Papillon watch is sculptured from 5N 18K red gold, or 18K white gold. It features the double-elliptical design that distinguishes Daniel Roth watches from timepieces of other brands.

The red gold watch sparkles with black and white round brilliant diamonds, while the white gold watch is adorned with diamonds and blue sapphires. The zest of both versions is a originally designed winding crown that demonstrates seven fluted surfaces.
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Athys Moon 2134 Watch From Daniel Roth
The major watch specialists at Daniel Roth have developed a novel watch equipped with a new, equally beautiful and accurate, moon-phase mechanism. The Athys collection will not demand any adjustment for another 125 years, since it was dubbed Athys Moon 2134. It happens to be a symbolic creation, perfect to mark the International Year of Astronomy.

This year celebrates the 20th birthday of the brand as well as the 400th anniversary the world’s first telescope invented by Galileo. In commemoration of this event that proved to be a turning point in the history of mankind, the United Nations Organization has declared 2009 the International Year of Astronomy.

The Daniel Roth outstanding watchmakers decided to improve the existing moon-phase displays, often demonstrating their inaccuracy. In traditional mechanisms the disc, exposing two moons, includes 59 teeth. Activated by a one-notch rotation every 24 hours, it accomplishes a half-turn in 28 days and 12 hours.

Taking into account that the real lunar cycle is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds, the display thus demonstrates the error amounting to +44 minutes per lunar cycle, that is +8.81 hours per year.

The advanced astronomical moon-phase mechanism of the Athys Moon 2134 incorporates three wheel-and-pinion sets. The first accomplishes a full rotation in 24 hours, activating the second one in 7 days, which animates then the 135-tooth moon disc.

The last one completes a half-turn in 29 days, 12 hours and 45 minutes. It means that the relative inaccuracy constitutes just -0.02 hours or 12 minutes per year. Due to such high degree of accuracy the mechanism requires adjustment just once every 125 years!

The Athys Moon 2134 is powered by a supremely beautiful mechanical manual winding calibre (DR2300) created on a Frederic Piguet 151 base movement.

Manufactured in accordance with the best watch making traditions, embracing refined Haute Horlogerie finishing and the original design for pocket timepieces, this advanced 16-lignes Lepine type movement is powered by the brand’s conventional three-arm seconds hand. Aligned with the crown, it makes an integral part of the main gear train.

The sophisticated and graceful Athys Moon 2134 is also characterized by large Roman numerals, blued steel hands, a “railtrack” minute circle with Arabic numerals and a three-arm seconds hand at 9 o’clock. A date display at 4 o’clock and a raised depiction of the moon between 12 and 4 o’clock, performed in the same color as the case, are the other special features this model includes.

The push-pieces on this very watch serve as correctors. They are designed to make setting operations easier and avoid any risk of scratching.
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Daniel Roth Unveils Papillon Chronograph Watch
In 2008, Daniel Roth unveils the first ever chronograph model, an intriguing and original version of its iconic Papillon.

The unique Papillon Chronograph proudly reveals the patented two-minute-hands mechanism, featuring large blued hands.

Having joined the Academie collection, the new Daniel Roth Papillon Chronograph accommodates an elite mechanical self-winding column-wheel chronograph movement - Frederic Piguet Calibre 1185.
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Daniel Roth Creates Tourbillon Lumiere Watch in Platinum
The Daniel Roth Tourbillon Lumiere watch, unveiled in gold in 2007, is now followed by a platinum version of the masterpiece. The watch’s case, openworked dial, as well as the movement plates and bridges, are all crafted in platinum.

The timepiece is sure to be highly appreciated by collectors and connoisseurs of fine watchmaking.

The extremely complex timekeeping companion reflects high expertise of the brand’s designers, engineers and master-watchmakers who have managed to endow the watch with utmost functionality and visual harmony.

The Daniel Roth Tourbillon Lumiere Platine watch accommodates the Calibre DR780 Tourbillon Squelette movement that is chamfered, hand- drawn with a file and thoroughly hand-crafted. read more

Daniel Roth Presents Majestic II Giocatore Veneziano Watch
The acclaimed horological company Daniel Roth and Francois Junod, a world-famous automaton manufacturer, have entered into a partnership to create the extraordinary II Giocatore Veneziano watch.

It is equipped with a minute repeater mechanism, which incorporates a miniaturized automaton.

The timepiece movement presents audibly the hours, quarters and minutes. The timepiece breathes life into the 16th century Venetian dice player, exposed on this model’s dial. The automaton operates absolutely independently from the minute repeater mechanism. It implies that the player can be put into motion when the minute repeater is striking, or on demand.

Encouraged by the Cardsharps, an outstanding painting by the Italian painter Caravaggio, the dice player throws the dice and lifts two leather goblets for the viewer to see what has been thrown. read more

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