Concord C1 Tourbillon Gravity Highlights the Era of Innovation

Apr 21, 2008
The Concord C1 Tourbillon Gravity astonishes by the whole range of specific features. Just imagine - a tourbillon disconnected from the case, an unconventional seconds indication, a flyback chronograph, a trust index display - all these innovations are accumulated in a single timepiece.

The C1 Tourbillon Gravity has been developed in close cooperation with BNB Concept, a company specializing in watchmaking complications. The process of conceiving, elaborating and assembling the watch took them twelve months, with the BNB Concept teams having demonstrated genuine enthusiasm, dynamism and hard work.

The result is the creation of a provocative watch equipped with a complex mechanism, an amazing expression of an inventive spirit and an absolutely new watchmaking approach. The design of the C1 Tourbillon Gravity was created by Blade Design that managed to present the engineering of the watch in a totally unexpected and daring way.

The first surprise is the independent tourbillon placed alongside the body of the watch. The tourbillon seems to be released from the mechanism. Fitted external to both the dial and the case, the tourbillon allows more free space inside the watch, so watchmakers are able to create other complications. The tourbillon is linked to the rest of the mechanism by a perpendicular pinion. The tourbillon carriage produces a powerful visual effect, being housed in a crankcase laterally screwed to the case.

The vertical device is instantly visible on the wrist. The upper and lower bridges of the tourbillon carriage are produced from aluminum-lithium, a unique high-tech material widely applied in the aerospace industry. Aluminum-lithium is characterized by remarkable resistance and exceptional longevity. The alloy is anti-corrosive and anti-magnetic. Moreover, it offers the best compromise between sturdiness and lightness.

Small Seconds
The rebellious seconds display is one more amazing feature of the new Concord watch, with its mechanism breaking out of the dial and the display transferring time into completely new dimension.

A slim black aluminum strip with the engraved seconds numerals is fixed to the lower bridge of the tourbillon, having thus acquired full interdependence with the carriage spinning on its axis once a minute. The luminescent seconds are perfectly visible through an open window on the side of the tourbillon carriage. The innovative mechanism is even more surprising than the small seconds display on the C1 Chronograph.

Power Reserve, Trust Index, Flyback Chronograph
The creators of the watch wanted to come up with optimized technical sophistication and unconventional design.

The Concord C1 Tourbillon Gravity features the case 48.5 mm in diameter and 18.5 mm thick. The construction of the case demonstrates excellent shock absorbing characteristics and outstanding sturdiness.

A rubber-coated white gold protective ring on the case middle is secured on the side by seven self-locking screws. It features seven decorative elements 'embracing' the bezel and protecting a sapphire crystal, 3.3 mm thick, glareproofed on both sides. The sapphire crystal seems to rise out of the case. ]

The C1 Tourbillon Gravity has acquired the machined metal face with Concord's signature layered construction. The face of the watch has twelve parts, including four sapphire crystals. It is enriched by a dark DLC-coated grid, accentuating the depth and perspective of the dial. The sub-dials and time indications are superimposed.

In the foreground, you will immediately notice the off-centered hour circle between 10 and 11 o'clock and placed on a sapphire crystal to reveal the mechanism gear-trains. The hour circle is completed with applied luminescent hour-markers, hands with a taut profile implying careful adjustment. The hands are partially hollowed, alternating solids and voids forming an asymmetrical pattern with strong pressure on the central stem.

The power-reserve indicator is found between 7 and 8 o'clock. It is accompanied by a spherical differential gear you will see through the dial between 9 and 10 o'clock. The gear is responsible for transmitting the barrel rotation to the power-reserve hand without affecting the movement operation. When the movement is being wound, this mechanism compensates for the difference in speed between the counting train and the gear train of the power reserve.

The trust index display is positioned just opposite the power-reserve indication. This display informs of the amplitude of the balance. It is necessary for maintaining an extremely high level of precision as it avoids excessive tension in the mainspring due to maximum winding. To maintain perfect accuracy, the watch's wearer winding the watch has to make sure that the trust index hand remains at the centre of the graduated scale, without reaching the + zone. The power-reserve and trust index hands in the Concord blue are the only colorful accents on the dial, drawing attention to the two complications.

The flyback chronograph counter found at 5 o'clock provides transparency to reveal the beauty of the mechanism. It is activated by pressing a push-piece smartly integrated into the case between 7 and 8 o'clock. Ignoring seconds, the chronograph displays hours and minutes for optimal readability.

The flyback chronograph has been created to escape from any loss in amplitude of the movement. The mechanism continuously runs, stopping only when reset, without affecting the rate of the timepiece.

The hand-wound movement - Concord Caliber C100 - is visible through the transparent sapphire crystal set into the DLC-coated white gold case-back. The 38-jewel mechanism oscillates at a frequency of 3 Hz. The bridges feature exquisite decoration and finishing enhancing the exceptional design of the watch.

The Concord C1 Tourbillon Gravity goes on a black vulcanized rubber strap peculiar for its matte-velvety look. The strap is secured to the case by four self-locking screws. You will see no lugs as the creators of the watch wanted to come up with a flowing design and a perfect fit on the wrist. The strap is fitted with double white gold folding clasp engraved with the Concord logo.

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