Bvlgari Watches - Elegance and Style to Remember

Apr 08, 2008
Bvlgari's History
The story of the Bvlgari brand dates back to the year 1884 when Sotirios Vulgaris, an immigrant from Greece, opened his shop of precious silver items in Rome. Today the Bvlgari flagship store is located on the Via Condotti. It was opened by Sotirio's sons in 1905.

The brand's flagship store attracted rich and famous customers who highly appreciated jewelry designs of exquisite quality that successfully combined elements of Greek and Roman art. Although the company became famous for its exceptional jewelry items, at present day it represents an internationally-recognized luxury brand that produces highly demanded watches, accessories, fragrances, and handbags.

During the first decades of the 20-th century the two Bvlgari sons were passionate about precious stones. The period of 1950s marked a turning point for the brand. The company started creating its own uniquely styled products, moving away from the culture of the French school.

In 1970-s Bvlgari founded its first international representatives in New York, Geneva, Paris, and Monte Carlo. There was a showroom in Hotel Pierre in New York maintained by the company for many years. Today the brand has 230 retail shops in many countries of the world.

The 1977 year highlighted the history of the company by the creation of Bvlgari-Bvlgari watches. These marvelously designed timepieces are the company's best-seller till the present day.

In 1984 Paolo and Nicola Bvlgari became Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Bvlgari Company, while nephew Francesco Trapani became the company's CEO. It was Trapani who came up with the idea to diversify the range of Bvlgari products. In the 1990-s he introduced the Bvlgari perfume line. Trapani has greatly contributed to the international establishment of the company's reputation as the producer of exceptional luxury goods.

Present Day Success
At the end of the 20-th century the Bvlgari Company revealed a series of timepieces that sported a classic design and were paved with precious stones. During this period Trika and Celtica collections were introduced. The latter represented a line of watches crafted in gold and decorated with stones of various colors with a cabochon cut.

In the period from 1997 to 2003 the company has reached 150 percent revenue growth. Today 45 percent of the Bvlgari's stock belong to outside investors.

In 2001 the Bvlgari Company joined efforts with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and established Bvlgari hotels and Resorts. The first Bvlgari hotel was opened in Milan in 2004. Two years later, the second hotel was opened in Bali.

Unique Designs
Bvlgari designs unique jewelry and watch pieces that are easily recognizable and bold. Every Bvlgari timepiece is created with meticulous attention to every detail. Some of the most skillful craftsmen are involved in the process of watches' creation, applying most advanced technologies. Bvlgari watches are tested according to the strictest quality control procedures.

The brand presents a great variety of collections designed both for men and women, including the complicated models. The Bvlgari timepieces have a classical Italian style and can be worn at any occasion. These watches will perfectly match any lifestyle due to their timeless design. The watches' supreme quality and elegant style are mixed with innovative mechanisms.

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