Bremont Watches - Born in Professional Pilots' Family
Euan's sons inherited his enthusiasm and dedicated their time, thought and energy to come up with Bremont watches. The brothers are proud of their timekeeping creations and believe their father would be proud as well.  read more

New Distinctively Styled Watches from Bremont
The reliability and durability of the new Bremont watches is proved by the COSC-chronometer certification. The timepieces sport rugged straps, locking crowns, radial-engine-like rotor design. read more

Meet Bremont Limited Edition Supermarine Descent Watch
Following the amazing success of the Supermarine 500, Bremont is pleased to unveil its Limited Edition Supermarine Descent watch. This is a Swiss-Made all-black DLC-coated marine timepiece born at the Bremont atelier in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland.

The watch has been inspired by the legendary British aircraft manufacturer that gave birth to the Supermarine S6B Schneider Trophy Seaplane and the famous Supermarine Spitfire. It will be issued in a limited edition of 407 pieces, the number reflecting the top speed achieved by George Stainforth in 1931 in the S6B.

The 42mm case of the new Bremont watch demonstrates the classic curved profile. The brands one-of-a-kind Trip-Tick three-piece case construction guarantees remarkable water-resistance down to 500 meters.  read more

Bremont P-51 Watch - Tribute to 1944 Mustang WWII Aircraft
The horological company Bremont has offered its new P-51 watch, inspired by the famous 1944 Mustang WWII aircraft - P-51K-10. Built in Texas, the plane was used in WWII in the Pacific, when fighting the Japanese. Later on, it was involved in military activity in other parts of Asia. Nick-named "Fragile by Agile", the plane eventually found its home in the UK.

The original aluminum from its fuselage is employed in manufacturing of both the dial and the movement of the new Bremont watch. The brand utilized its B-EBE2000 technology to create a hardened steel Trip-Tick case. This technique involves bombarding the metal with electrons in order to increase its hardness.

The case is 16 mm thick and measures 43 mm in diameter. The stainless steel back side of the model boasts an integrated flat crystal and 5 stainless steel screws with polished heads.
 read more

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