Bremont Watches - Born in Professional Pilots' Family

Feb 11, 2008
Launch in the USA
In January 2008, Bremont, a British watchmaking brand that produces timepieces of exceptional quality, announced its official launch in the United States. Bremont timekeeping creations have enjoyed great success in the UK, and now the watches of the brand are sure to become highly demanded in the USA. The brand designs each model according exacting specifications, while maintaining enduring aesthetic values.

Bremont watches are produced from the finest quality Swiss components, hand-assembled by most experienced watchmakers in an atelier located in Biel-Bienne. The timepieces make one feel an air of quintessential Britishness acquired from the background of the brand's founders, brothers Nick and Giles English.

Bremont's Founders
The brothers English, professional aviators, have lived in and around aircraft since their childhood. Their father, the late Euan English, was not only an adored father and a talented engineer. He was also an RAF aerobatic champion and talented display pilot. Euan English died in March 1995 while training for an air display in a North American Harvard. Euan's sons inherited his enthusiasm and dedicated their time, thought and energy to come up with Bremont watches. The brothers are proud of their timekeeping creations and believe their father would be proud as well.

Euan English lost his life in Harvard. His elder son, Nick, was flying with his father and received a lot of injuries in the crash. As the aircraft was spiraling to the ground, the only thing Giles could do was to look on before running to help his injured brother. The following year, Nick and Giles were in the air again, flying across France in a 60-year-old aircraft. Because of bad weather the brothers made an emergency landing in a pea field in the Champagne region.

It turned out the field belonged to a former WWII pilot, as passionate about aircraft as the brothers English. The pilot was also an avid horology aficionado - he was an owner of a house full of clocks. He was wearing a really special wristwatch presented to him by his father. The pilot's name, Antoine Bremont was chosen for the new family of watches as his life passions exactly reflected those of Nick and Giles English.

Bremont Watches
The brothers were determined to create a watch to last more than a lifetime. The timepiece had to be produced from the best materials, while applying the most reliable watchmaking techniques. All Bremont watches pass through the strictest test to guarantee the high quality and supreme performance.

The stainless steel case of each Bremont watch is made to an exceptional hardness of 2000 Vickers. It implies the construction is nine times as durable as an average steel watch case.

The face of each timepiece is protected under anti-reflective, convex sapphire crystal that is equally hard. Each Bremont watch passes through the arduous COSC chronometer certification process to guarantee an accuracy level of 99.998 percent.

The initially introduced Bremont watch family consists of three chronograph models: The ALT1-C, ALT1-Z and the ALT1-P.

Bremont BC-S1, BC-F1 and BC-F2 represent classic 'three-hander' models. Each timepiece is developed as a professional quality wristwatch, accurate and durable enough to be used during such activities as flying, yachting and mountaineering.

Besides strict laboratory tests, each Bremont watch model has been tried 'in the field' by professional adventurers. The list includes mountaineer Bear Grylls, actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, Everest climber Jake Meyer, round-the-world yachtsman Mike Golding, and aviators Nick and Giles English and their fellow professionals - pilots of the elite US Navy Test Pilot School.

The first series of Bremont watches required three years of thorough research and development.

The perfect finishing and thorough attention to detail is reflected by every part of a Bremont watch, including the hand-cut and engraved winding rotor in the sapphire crystal case back and meticulous machining of the three-part 'Trip-Tick' cases. No more than 1,000 pieces of each model are annually produced.

For proper security and servicing, the brothers English want to keep an individual record of each watch at the Biel-Bienne workshops. All Bremont watches are housed in nicely crafted wooden boxes that contain an extra strap and the prestigious Chronometer certificate.

Pictures by Alistair Gibbons - (Bremont watch launch in London)

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