Ultra-Complicated Watches - Unlimited Sophistication
Marie-Antoinette watch by Breguet: Among the earliest most celebrated examples you will discover an ultra-complicated watch created by Breguet. The unique timepiece was commissioned for the Queen of France. read more

Corum Golden Tourbillon Panoramique
The complication was invented in the 18th century by one of the most well-known watchmakers in the world, Abraham Louis Breguet. Today Corum has taken up a new formidable challenge: a Panoramique tourbillon.  read more

Breguet Unveils Marine Royal Alarm Watch
The famous watchmaking house of Breguet unveils a new masterpiece - the Marine Royal Alarm watch, Ref. 5847. The timepiece accommodates a twin-barrel movement. The first barrel is intended for timekeeping, while the second one is meant for the alarm. One crown is used to wind both barrels.

The case, 45 mm in diameter, is sculptured in pink or white gold. The watch is 300-meter water-resistant.

The Marine Royal Alarm watch’s case incorporates a unidirectional bezel. Positioned between two winding crowns on the case flank, the blocking pawl reliably secures the bezel’s rotation. The crowns are screw down; the alarm-setting crown and the on/off push-piece are crafted from gold and are rubber-coated to facilitate easy handling.
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Breguet Reveil du Tsar Enamel Dial Watch - Function-Packed and Extremely Readable
The acclaimed watchmaker Breguet is understandably proud to offer its new Reveil du Tsar Enamel Dial watch. An equilibrium between exquisite design and flawless technical mastery, this extraordinary model will be available solely and exclusively at Breguet boutique shops.

The new Breguet watch captures the attention with its appealing functional dial, characterized at the same time by the exceptional readability. The latter has been achieved due to a special “grand feu enamel” technique, employed in the manufacturing of the display.

During this process the dials are usually subject to extremely high temperatures. Those, that manage to survive through such a pressure, boast irresistibly beautiful pure white surfaces.
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Christie's December Auction Highlights
Lot 79, pre-estimated at 40,000 - 60,000 US dollars, brought 242,500 US dollars at Christie’s auction, held on December 14 in New York. The unique Patek Philippe pocket watch dates back to 1913. Having been given a Geneva Observatory rating certificate in 1920, it came to its American retailer in 1921. Famous American collector Henry Graves acquired the pocket watch in 1925.

As stated by Christie’s sale notes, it is not exactly known how many timepieces were commissioned by Henry Graves from Patek Philippe. The American collector ordered about 30 timepieces in all. According to watch experts, there are 15 known timepieces that belonged to Mr. Graves. The pocket watch sold at Christie’s auction became the 16th. The timepiece demonstrates an engraving of the Graves family crest and motto that says, “Esse Quam Videri -To Be Rather Than to Seem”.

One more highlight of the auction, Lot 327, pre-estimated at 250,000 - 350,000 US dollars, Breguet ref. 3857, brought 434,500 US dollars.
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Breguet Crazy Flower Haute Jewellery Watch - Blossom of Sparkling Diamonds
The house of Breguet is extremely pleased to dazzle the discerning audience with its new Crazy Flower Haute Jewellery lady’s watch. The brand’s sparkling release is proposed with a white gold case, which is mostly submerged beneath the “floral” motif, created with the help of gorgeous diamonds. The three outer layers are set with 116 extra-large baguette-cut stones.

Arranged in asymmetrical rows, the diamonds are mounted on minimalist settings, secured to the case from the middle section up to the bezel. These supple settings enable the jewels to “dance” gracefully as the movement runs. The movement, housed in the new Breguet watch, is a self-winding mechanical calibre 586.

The case shows off an alluring dial, cheerfully adorned with 206 smaller brilliant-cut diamonds. The display captures the time with blued Breguet-type hour and minutes hands. read more

Meet Breguet Type XXII Watch
The renowned watchmaker Breguet takes great pride in unveiling its impressive Type XXII watch. A technically advanced interpretation of the famous Type XX watch, developed by the brand in the 1950s, this model has been released to mark the 60th anniversary of its predecessor’s first deliveries to the French naval air arm.

The new Breguet watch has adopted a 44 mm case crafted from stainless steel. It displays a two-way rotating bezel with a 60-minute scale. The case is also fitted with a screw-locked two-position crown.

Enclosed in the case is the brand’s proprietary self-winding chronograph movement - Caliber 589F, which provides a flyback function and a second time-zone. The mechanism is equipped with a silicon escapement and a flat balance spring, which frequency constitutes 72,000 vibrations per hour. read more

Breguet Unveils Tradition 7047 Watch
The renowned watchmaker Breguet has always been at the front of the grid, as far as the balance-spring is concerned. This central piece of movement underwent a considerable development in 2006, when the brand unveiled its first timepieces, endowed with a balance-spring and escapement in silicon.

Much lighter than metal and completely impervious to magnetic fields, this sophisticated material has been employed in manufacturing of the new Tradition 7047 watch, equipped with tourbillon and fusee and chain transmission. Due to its complex structure, the balance-spring incorporated into the movement, is rightfully considered a great achievement in the art of timekeeping.

The new Breguet watch is available with a 41 mm case rendered in platinum. Its back is fitted with a sapphire crystal. The water-resistance of the watch is down to 30 meters.  read more

Breguet Creates Classique Ref. 7737 Watch
Breguet Classique Ref. 7337 Date Moon Phase watch premiered at Baselworld 2009. The timepiece is characterized by the outstanding elegance and meticulous craftsmanship, as every other Breguet timepiece. The creation of the new watch was based on the Ref. 3330, inspired by a one-of-a-kind Breguet pocket watch that is currently kept in the Breguet museum in Paris.

The new Breguet watch demonstrates an updated case size - now it measures 39mm in diameter. Besides the day, the date, and phases of the moon functions, the watch indicates the subsidiary seconds.

The case of the Breguet Classique watch has inherited all the purity and elegance of the Classique collection. It is sculptured in 18K yellow or white gold. The side part of the case reveals a nice vertically fluted pattern.
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Baselworld 2008: Breguet's Tribute To 'Marie Antoinette' Watch
Breguet reveals a unique Grande Complication pocket watch, based on the thorough historical study and three years of technical development.

The timepiece demonstrates a 46mm 18K yellow gold case equipped with a movement composed of over 800 hand-finished pieces. The masterpiece provides a variety of complicated functions: minute repeater, equation of time, perpetual calendar, power reserve, jumping hours, and thermometer.

The Breguet Grand Complication Ref. 1160 watch is devoted to the legendary 'Marie Antoinette' watch, commissioned from Abraham-Louis Breguet for Queen Marie Antoinette of France, by her secret admirer. It was completed only four years after Breguet's death. read more

Breguet Creates Type XX Aeronavale 2010 Watch in Limited Edition
The iconic Breguet family of Type XX timepieces welcomes a new member - the Breguet Type XX Aeronavale 2010 watch.

The first Aeronavale timepieces were born in 1960. They were created on special order of the French Naval Airforce called the Aeronavale. Breguet watchmakers were commissioned to create flight watches that would offer perfect readability and the flyback chronograph function. Since then, all Breguet Type XX timepieces are provided with the flyback chronograph.

The latest Aeronavale watch pays tribute to the 50th anniversary of the first model and the 100th anniversary of the French Aeronavale as a military branch. It will be delivered in a limited number of 1000 pieces.The classy matt black dial boasts supreme readability. It is completed with luminous hands and numerals.  read more

Marie Antoinette Pocket Watch - Masterpiece Recreated
The Marie Antoinette No. 1160 pocket watch is rightfully considered to be a real masterpiece. In 2005, Nicolas G. Hayek, President and CEO of Montres Breguet, initiated the reproduction of the eponymous pocket watch that highlighted the history of the brand. The best watchmakers at Montres Breguet did an outstanding job, having recreated the extremely complicated timekeeper, having just documents at their disposal.

Breguet watch enthusiast, Marie Antoinette had her personal small collection of Breguet watches, with an automatic perpetual watch among them. In 1783, the company was pleased to receive a customized order from one of the Marie Antoinette’s admirers.

The customer wanted the Breguet watchmakers to create a timepiece that would possess all possible horological achievements of that time and be manufactured exclusively from gold.
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Watch With Art Deco Damier Engraving from Brequet
Breguet is the contemporary Swiss master of engraving by means of guilloche machine. This technique implies the process of engraving the wonderful patterns and textures on the dial of their every timepiece.

A large number of machines used for this purpose are either more than 100 years old, or they are in-house manufactured. The innovative Breguet Classique Ref. 5967 uses a Breguet-developed absolutely new guilloche pattern.

In fact, the pattern is not that new: professionals in the fields of carpentry, architecture and art have been using it for a long period of time. As to watchmaking, there has been adopted a new way of utilizing the guilloche machine for metal engraving. The name given to the pattern by Breguet is Art Deco Damier.

According to the manufacturers, it resembles a three- dimensional chess board. The stacked cubic design however can be interpreted in any other way.

The widths of the Ref. 5967 timepiece will constitute 41mm, presented in yellow gold, which is quite rarely used nowadays, with the exception of Breguet, or white gold.

This model demonstrates a movement not even intended for a watch. It accommodates a Frederic Piguet caliber 506.2 hand wound pocket watch movement, which can be seen through the caseback display.

The dial engraved with the Art Deco Damier pattern acquires a more up to date appearance, I suppose though that the reason for the basic pattern to look differently is its age of 200 years.

The Breguet watch has no seconds hand any longer. The length of the wonderful pomme hands made of blued steel perfectly matches with the size of the case.

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Brequet Introduces Classique Grande Complication 7637
The minute repeater has never ceased to be a leader among horological complications. Top-ranked all over the world, the minute repeater has a complicated construction, the delicate parts of which can be fitted and adjusted by just a few competent master watchmakers only.

In 2008, Breguet presented a new design of these technological miracles, equipped with a completely reconstructed movement that incorporated new materials as well as featured newly fresh positions for gongs, gong rests and hammers.

Now, this patented technique is in use on Breguet minute repeater no. 7637. Its large case, sized 42 mm, performed in white or pink gold, accommodates a minute repeater movement, with the latter offering running seconds at 9 o’clock and a 24-hour sub-dial at 3 o’clock.

No repeater without chimes had been able before to produce the crystal-clear sound coming out of the case. The color of the gold gongs coincides with that of the case, while the hammers made of hard metal have been exposed to polishing and beveling - quite an achievement for such an unyielding material.

The manual-winding movement can be seen through the case back made of clear sapphire crystal. It has been completely subject to chasing by hand in the very style of Brequet. The dial of the Breguet watch is created in silvered 18K gold.

To discover fine Breguet watches, just click the button below:

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New Breguet Minute Repeater in Diamonds
In 2008, Breguet stunned the world of watchmaking, having introduced an innovative way of designing minute repeater watches. Breguet fitted its watches with re-created movements produced from new materials and the gongs, gong rests and hammers positioned in an innovative way. The patented technique is now used in Breguet minute repeater ref. 7639.

The case of the new Breguet watch measures 44.5 mm in diameter and is crafted in 18K white gold. It is set with 178 baguette-cut diamonds. The rounded horns are welded to the case, with screw pins securing the strap.

The 18K gold dial is paved with 392 princess-cut diamonds mounted upside down. The dial shows the individual number of the watch and the name of the brand. The open-tipped Breguet hands are created in blued steel.
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Exquisite Beauty of Breguet Tourbillon Automatic Regulator
Up to the present day every Breguet watch is based upon exclusive design and inventive approach initiated by the brand's founder. The name of Breguet is associated with numerous innovations - perpetual calendar, chronograph, power reserve, para-chute, shock absorber and tourbillon. read more

Breguet Reveil Musical Watch - Symbol of Intergenerational Solidarity
Breguet is proud to unveil its new one-of-a-kind Reveil Musical watch, created specially for Only Watch 2011. It enchants the audience with a unique tune, “Castle in the sky”, played on demand or at a pre-set time.

The new Breguet watch boasts a round-shaped 48mm case in 18-carat white gold. The case-band is engraved with a musical stave. The model reveals rounded and soldered lugs as well as screw-secured spring-bars.

The new Breguet Reveil Musical watch strikes the eye with a rotating hand-guilloched dial. It depicts a child’s hand, stretching out to that of the adult, presented on the flange.

The display offers central hours, minutes and seconds, indicated by Breguet-type hollow “moon” tip hands in blued steel. The alarm on/off indication appears in a circular window between 9 and 10 o’clock. The alarm power reserve indication is shown in the aperture at 3 o’clock.
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Admire Breguet Marine Tourbillon 5839 High Jewellery Chronograph Watch
In constant pursuit of excellence, the house of Breguet has delivered its new Marine Tourbillon 5839 High Jewellery Chronograph watch.

With its details impressively well thought out, the new Breguet watch has adopted a 43mm case. It is sculptured from 18-carat white gold with a finely fluted case-band. The case-band, bezel, crown, rounded lugs and wave-shaped chronograph push-pieces are illuminated by the play of 186 baguette-cut diamonds. The total weight of jewels comes to 11.77 carats.

The aforementioned lugs are welded to the case with screw pins, which secure an alligator leather strap. The latter terminates in a buckle, studded with 58 diamonds with the overall weight of 0.23 carats. The back side of the model is hand-engraved on a rose engine and equipped with a sapphire crystal. The case is built to be 30-meter water-resistant.
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Meet Breguet Tradition 7057 Watch
The challenging horological world is pleased to welcome the new Breguet Tradition 7057 watch, available in three versions.

The audience can admire a 40mm round-shaped case, rendered in 18-carat red or 18-carat white gold. Its water-resistance is assured down to 30 meters.

One version of the new Breguet watch is powered by a mechanical 507DR calibre movement with a red gold-plated finish. Two other interpretations accommodate movements with matt grey NAC finishes.

The originality of this novelty lies in its unique technical architecture. The special arrangement on both sides of the central plate ensures the visibility of almost all the movement’s components. They include bridges, gears, escapement and the renowned “old fashioned” pare-chute shock absorber in hand-bevelled steel.
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Breguet Marine 8827 Ladies Chronograph Watch - Masterpiece of Micromechanics
The house of Breguet has always taken pleasure in developing fine watches for women. The history can be traced back to the 18th century, when the brand’s founder Abraham-Louis Breguet got down to working on a timepiece for Queen Marie-Antoinette of France.

In keeping with this time-honored tradition, the company presents its new Breguet Marine 8827 Ladies Chronograph watch. Created for everyday wear, it employs a 34.60mm case, crafted from 18-carat red or white gold. The water-resistance of the model is ensured down to 50 meters.

Housed in the new Breguet watch is natural mother-of-pearl dial with hand engraving done on a rose engine. Equipped with contrasting Arabic numerals, it offers central hours and minutes.

The chronograph functions are presented through 12-hour and 30-minute counters, joined by a central hand. The small seconds tick away in the counter at 6 o’clock. Within the structure of this sub-dial is found a date aperture.
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