Bovet Tourbillon Ottanta by Pininfarina Watch - Four Timepieces in One!
Bovet is pleased to present its new limited-edition Haute Horlogerie timepiece that celebrates the 80th anniversary of the prestigious Italian design brand Pininfarina. The brand, established in 1930 and headquartered in Turin, is famous as the producer of classic and modern cars, with the Alfa Romeo Spider, Cadillac Allante, Maserati GranTurismo, Volvo P70 and a wide range of Ferraris on the list.

Pascal Raffy, in the head of Bovet, and his team of watchmakers in Fleurier, Switzerland, joined efforts with Paolo Pininfarina to create the new Bovet Tourbillon Ottanta by Pininfarina watch, reflecting the Italian company’s distinctive design details as well as those of the watchmaking brand. The exclusive timepiece is limited to just 80 pieces.

The Bovet Tourbillon Ottanta watch also boasts an innovative case construction. The 46-mm case of the watch is sculptured from brushed titanium and steel and provided with black DLC coating. The case construction is created in Bovet’s Amadeo style, implying you can rotate the case to see either the “dial side” or “movement side” in the front.
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Admire Bovet Chronograph Cambiano Edition 2011 Watch
Following the amazing success of the Tourbillon Ottanta devoted to the 80th anniversary of Pininfarina and introduced last year, Bovet, in cooperation with the famous design house, unveils its new timepiece - the Chronograph Cambiano edition 2011.

The Bovet Chronograph Cambiano edition 2011 watch is a successful mixture of a sporty design and prestige mechanics. It has inherited the signature aesthetic codes of its predecessor, including the oscillating weight and screws. The watch catches the glance by its varied topography, contrasting finishes and surface treatments.

The Amadeo convertible case, 45mm in diameter, with its perfect proportions, gives the watch’s owner a unique opportunity to have at his disposal a wristwatch, pocket watch, miniature clock, or sports counter in one. The case is 100-meter water-resistant.
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Bovet Dimier Recital 0 Watch - Innovative Movement's Architecture
The Bovet Dimier Collection was born in 2007. The timepieces from the collection accommodate exclusive tourbillon movements and complications developed by the Dimier Manufactory.

The Bovet Dimier Recital 0 watch represents the latest addition to the collection.

Being the 8th model in the line, the timepiece has “0” in its name as its indications are as those of the Recital 1 watch, reflecting the fundamental values of the tourbillon complication. In addition to the central hours and minutes, the watch features a power reserve indicator and the seconds with help of a triple seconds hand above the upper pivot of the tourbillon cage.
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Bovet Dimier Recital 1 Watch - Functional Layout and Alluring Colors
Bovet Dimier is proud to offer its new Recital 1 watch. Characterized by the traditional design, it still catches the eye with an avant garde old-world style decoration.

Beyond that, the aesthetic appeal of the new Bovet Dimier watch lies in a clever blend of the functional layout and alluring colors. It is delivered in 46 mm case, rendered in 18k white or red gold. The public can also enjoy a platinum version of the model.

Round in shape, the case boasts a charming crown, set with cabochon. The crown is located at 3 o’clock. Delicately curved, the elegant lugs complement the alluring character of the timepiece.
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Enjoy Bovet Amadeo Fleurier 43 Watch
In the 19th century, the Swiss timepiece manufacture Bovet Fleurier built a solid reputation with its pocket watches, produced for the Chinese market. Today, the brand is famous for its artistic timepieces demonstrating high-end dials.

The new Amadeo Fleurier 43 watch is not an exception: it catches and holds the gaze with an enamel black polished dial. Exquisitely balanced, it is completed with applied Roman numerals, sculptured in red gold. They are joined by delicate minute-markers, performed in white.

The progression of hours and minutes is marked by centralized fragile hands, born from dexterous fingers of genuine artists. The small seconds are displayed in a black counter, fitted with a red gold outline. Positioned at 6 o’ clock, it is endowed with white indices and Arabic numerals. Traveling over them is a graceful red gold hand.
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New Bovet Watches: Artistic Freedom
Pascal Raffy, the owner of the Bovet brand, pays much attention to creating watch complications, designs and movements. The latest Bovet watches, an outstanding union of artistic freedom and new technological achievements, are a perfect reflection of Pascal Raffy's highly professional approach.

Now, Bovet proudly unveils its fascinating Saguaro Meteorite Chronograph from the Sportster line.

The Gibeon meteorite, a unique four billion-year-old material, is employed in the manufacture of the timepiece dial. Meticulously sawn, machined and polished, every dial is afterwards dipped in an acid, exposing original Widmanstatten patterns.
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Bovet Presents Highly-Feminine Amadeo Ladies Touch Watches
The highly-successful Bovet Fleurier Amadeo collection welcomes new majestic members - the Ladies Touch watches. The zest of the new female timepieces is a miniature hand-painting of a Butterfly that embellishes the delicate mother-of-pearl dial.

The 39mm case of the new Amadeo Ladies Touch watches is performed in 18K white or rose gold. The dial in white or black mother-of-pearl fascinates the glance by its irresistible charm. It is completed with 12 diamond hour markers presented in a delicate gold setting.

Another heart-winning peculiarity of the Bovet Ladies Touch watches is that they can be easily turned into pocket watches or table clocks. The lady-owner can easily remove the bracelet of her watch and wear it on the Amadeo sautoir necklace.
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Bovet Trilogy Watch Recreates Da Vinci's Mona Lisa
It is absolutely natural for the Bovet brand to create exclusive timepieces, whose aesthetic appeal lies in a clever blend of artistic freedom and technical constraints. To a great extent it has been achieved due to the efforts of the watchmaking company’s owner, Pascal Raffy.

To take part in the Only Watch 2009, an annual charity auction of exclusive watches, held to obtain funds for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, the Bovet watchmaking house has manufactured a one-of-a-kind timepiece, which features in miniature the most renowned painting in the world – Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The Bovet Trilogy watch, intended for Only Watch 2009, adapts its title from the capabilities of its unique 42mm case, sculptured in 18K rose gold. The watch exposes the iconic pocket timepiece-styled case bow, which is regarded as a virtual signature of the Bovet brand. Thanks to the case unrivalled design, created and patented by the company, this model can be used as a wristwatch, a pocket watch or a table clock.

The flanks, the lugs and the curved bow of the case feature a hand-carved Fleurisanne engraving, which creates a perfect frame for the exceptional dial and demonstrates the goldsmiths’ craftsmanship. The winding crown as well as the outer hinge of the bow reveal matchless sapphire cabochons.

It took a Bovet enamel painter more than a month of meticulous work to recreate the miniature reproduction of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, which is extremely difficult to copy down to the last detail, including the mysterious smile of La Gioconda.

The specialist of miniature enamel carried out this demanding task, working under a microscope. The paints, from the carefully chose pallete, were applied with minuscule brushes. The latter were made of the finest marten hair’s tiny segments.

The crowning achievement of this masterpiece is its crystalline clarity, standing out against an appealing opalescent background of black mother of pearl.

The Bovet Trilogy "Mona Lisa" watch is available in a gorgeous presentation box, made of burled hardwood.

The watch is accompanied by an alligator leather strap finished with an engraved rose gold folding clasp. To turn the Bovet Trilogy model into a pocket watch, it is also supplied with a rose gold chain and bow attachment.

The 2009 Only Watch auction will be held in Monaco on September 24th. Bovet's Trilogy timepiece, as well as a spectrum of exclusive watches to be presented by the other famous watch-making houses, will be put up for auction without a reserve price. All proceeds raised from the auction will be donated to assist worldwide research efforts dedicated to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
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Enjoy Bovet Fleurier 5-Days Tourbillon Jumping Hours Reversed Hand Fitting Watch
Bovet Fleurier has recently put out its new 5-Days Tourbillon Jumping Hours Reversed Hand Fitting unique watch for the world to admire and purchase.

The new Bovet Fleurier watch comes in a 47mm Amadeo case, crafted from red gold. Entirely engraved by hand, it is convertible into a reversible wristwatch, desk clock and pocket watch. The water-resistance of the model is assured down to 30 meters.

Placed inside the new Bovet Fleurier 5-Days Tourbillon Jumping Hours Reversed Hand Fitting watch is a hand-wound mechanical movement, which demonstrates a haute horlogerie finishing. It operates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour and provides a 120-hour power reserve.
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Bovet Presents 7-Day Tourbillon Only Watch 2011
To support the third Only Watch auction for Duchenne Muscular Distrophy Research, Bovet has created a one-of-a-kind timepiece. The new Bovet watch paralyzes the glance by the traditional artisan engraving decoration revealed by the dial and case-back.

The Bovet 7-day Tourbillon Only Watch 2011 demonstrates an Amadeo case. Due to the unique construction of the case, the wearer can easily “turn” the wristwatch into a table clock or a pocket watch. No tools are required. The timepiece also boasts a reversible display adapted to the brand’s tourbillons.

The front dial reveals the dragon. The body of the hand-engraved animal undulates and overflows onto the watch’s bezel and the case-side. The Dimier 1738 watchmakers redesigned the dial plate to provide a smooth transition for the animal’s body, maintaining the continuity of the lines and graphic pattern overflowing from the dial to the bezel.
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