Boucheron Crazy Parade Watch - Weapon of Seduction
The horological company Boucheron is delighted to present its Crazy Parade timepiece, which exudes an irresistible charm. Born from the dexterous fingers of genuine artists, this novelty brings together the arts of enamel, engraving and stone setting.

A union of beauty and precision, the new Boucheron watch is clothed in a white gold case. It is 11.1 mm thick and measures 42.0 mm in diameter. The water-resistance of the model is assured down to 50 meters. The case is enhanced by a head-turning dial. It features a magnificent, yet delicate, proudly parading peacock. A true feat of virtuosity, this display would be impossible to create without close cooperation of the highly-qualified professionals within the manufacture.

Some of them provided the metal with the necessary volume, others worked to tame fire and a palette of mineral colors. The third were responsible for mounting thoroughly-selected jewels in the ocellus of each feather in the bird’s mind-blowing plumage.
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Boucheron Sheherazade Tourbillon Watch - Sensuality of Oriental Princess
The Orient, a true Garden of Eden, has always attracted Europeans with its fragrant spices and fabulous palaces. Of special note are surely mesmerizing tales, Sheherazade told the Persian king for one thousand and one night. The king was so fascinated by her beautiful narration, that eventually saved her life.

The new Sheherazade Tourbillon watch by Boucheron provides an exclusive luxurious atmosphere of the Oriental tales. This novelty draws and holds the eye of the beholder with gorgeous precious stones, which evoke the ancient Persian jewels. The dazzling diamonds, yellow sapphires, orange sapphires, spinels and rubies are skillfully exposed on a white mother-of-pearl dial.

The new Boucheron watch proudly features a flying tourbillon mechanism, presented in the lower part of the display. Formed of the foliage, partially set with diamonds, the tourbillon carriage takes care of seconds. The hours and minutes are indicated in the counter, located in the upper part of the dial.
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Richard Mille RM 018 'Hommage a Boucheron'
To commemorate Boucheron's founding in 1858, the celebrated jeweller of the Place Vendome and Richard Mille have united their talents to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece.Richard Mille, famous for his pioneering spirit, has managed to reinvent watchmaking with the use of innovative materials and technologies to come up with 21st-century horology. read more

Boucheron Introduces its Bestiaire Ronde Seconde Folle Line

The recent exceptional Bestiaire watch line of the famous watch-maker Boucheron exposes fascinating series of high-jewelry animals, brought to life through jewels, set in a creative and alluring way, and an original mechanical movement.

An alliance between the jewelers’ unrivalled art and the creative power fine watchmaking is characterized by, the Bestiaire Ronde Seconde Folle line unveils three charming products, encouraged by the most famous and adorable “beasts”.

Every model from Boucheron Bestiaire Ronde Seconde Folle collection exposes a 42 mm case, rendered in 18-karat white gold. Both jewelers and goldsmiths of Boucheron used this precious metal as a canvas to create the unique “pictures”, with their whimsy sides accentuated.

The precious gems, such as diamonds, sapphires of several colors, tsavorites as well as rubies are brought together to give birth to appealing images of a hungry chameleon, a happily dazed frog and a sleepy owl.

Every watch movement comprises a specialized module with a rotating disc, which substitutes the conventional small seconds hand, animating the Boucheron animals.

The chameleon, for example, “fixes” its gaze on a fly, which revolves right below the white gold branch. The same mechanism creates the turning left eye in both the frog and the owl models and eventually lends a very refreshing touch to the watches in question.

Crafted in 18K gold, the dials feature diverse, yet extremely attractive chalcedony, aventurine or rich lacquer coatings.

The watches from Boucheron Bestiaire Ronde Seconde Folle line accommodate the mechanical movement, executed entirely by the renowned Swiss watch-making house Girard-Perregaux. The same movement animates Boucheron's Reflet XL Automatic model, boasting a 40-hour power reserve.

The Calibre GP 4000 captivating details, embracing a complex skeletonized winding mass and bridges, featuring Cotes de Geneve decoration, as well as a special stripped motif, are visible through the Boucheron's signature elliptical sapphire display in the case-back.

To complete the feminine image, all models come with karung leather, galuchat, or finely grained satin exotic straps, fitted with a white gold pronged buckle.
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Bestiary Tourbillon Watch Collection Created by Boucheron
The Boucheron Bestiary Tourbillon is a new stunning collection presented in two different variations and in a very limited edition of only 8 pieces. Each timepiece is handmade in white gold and features an animal crimped by hand by the master jewelers of the Maison Boucheron. The animal is smartly attached to the case, drawing attention to the technical jewel of the watch.

Your gaze will be also captured by a tourbillon with the mobile carriage that looks like a trellis with precious foliage growing, set with diamonds. The most amazing thing about this majestic construction is that nature, revealed in a bejeweled instant, is presented as though frozen in time before the butterfly created by the hour and minute hands is swallowed up by the guarding animal.

The watch incorporates a mechanical manually-wound caliber visible through the transparent bottom. At the center of the tourbillon you can see a balance. Moreover, the movement shows off bridges designed in the way that the picture of the animal sculpted in the round on the bezel, is reproduced as a silhouette on the metal.

The ticking to be heard from the heart of the watch gives a one-of-a-kind dimension to this wrist-worn shadow, as though breathing with life.
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Boucheron Ellipses Anniversaire Jewelry Watch Collection
Boucheron Ellipses Anniversaire watch collection reveals stylish and graceful, round and square timekeeping creations crafted in white or pink gold, united in strictly special editions.

The watches produce powerful visual effect due to rare differently-sized gems in a variety of blues or shades of yellow and orange. The diamonds and sapphires are set to create visual volume. Each series features its own original design. The galaxy of precious colored stones is springing from the golden dial to the case coupled with the pumiced shagreen straps.

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Boucheron Crazy Jungle Hathi Watch - Inspired by India
Boucheron is happy to propose two new Crazy Jungle Hathi watches. They successfully combine the emotion of spectacular High Jewellery with the meticulous precision of the refined watchmaking.

The inspiration behind this new Boucheron watch is a rich heritage of India. Its dial depicts a ceremonial elephant, used by royalty. The animal is paved with white diamonds. The image of elephant is covered by a precious blanket, which comprises blues sapphires and green tsavorites or yellow and orange sapphires.

Presented against a 3D starry sky, the elephant stretches its trunk and toes out to the bezel. The latter is breathtakingly inset with white diamonds and blue sapphires. More than 300 gems encrusted into the dial, lend it a special visual grace and a staggering impression of richness.

The display of each new Boucheron Crazy Jungle Hathi watch ensures hours and minutes.
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Boucheron Surprises Audience with Reflet XL Chateau Latour Vintage 2005 Watch
This year, the house of Boucheron has sent tremors through the horological world by launching its amazing Reflet XL Chateau Latour Vintage 2005 men’s watch.

The chief attribute of this model is surely its appealing dial. Crafted from a 200-year old French oak, it narrates an exciting story.

The point is, that before becoming a part of the new Boucheron watch, this very wood was employed in the manufacturing of the barrels, in which Chateau Latour’s Grand Millesime 2005 vintage was aged.
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Boucheron Delights Ladies with Ma Jolie Tout Or Watch
The renowned jewellery and watchmaker Boucheron is delighted to decorate a woman’s wrist with its fascinating Ma Jolie Tout Or timepiece. A true reflection of contemporary femininity, this dazzling accessory is ideally suited for unforgettable moments.

The new Boucheron watch is available with a breathtaking pink gold case. It features the dimensions of 18 mm x 6.8 mm, diameter and thickness indicated respectively.

The lady's watch features no winding crown: the time is adjusted through the case bottom by means of a corrector operated by a small key. The timepiece handles depths of up to 30 meters.
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Boucheron Crazy Ma Jolie Watch - Shimmering Play of Jewels
In 2010, Boucheron has proudly released a Crazy Ma Jolie lady’s watch, which exudes an extremely sensual feel.

The new product is available with a 42 mm case, sculptured from white gold. The thickness of the case is equal to 11.1 mm and its weight constitutes 76.40 grams. The body of the new Boucheron watch features a shimmering play of 122 scintillating diamonds with a total of 3.43 carats. The water-resistance of the model is assured down to 50 meters.

The case is complimented by an alluring dial, done in white mother-of-pearl. Its surface is brightened by 204 dazzling diamonds, 3 pink sapphires, 3 rubies and 2 amethysts. The overall weight of the precious stones comes to 1.20, 0.03, 0.05 and 0.01 carats respectively.
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Boucheron Hera Tourbillon Watch - Jewel-Set Beauty
Boucheron delights women with the presentation of its new Hera Tourbillon watch - a perfect alliance between cutting-edge watchmaking and high-end jewellery art.

The new Boucheron watch is available with a white gold case of an asymmetrical shape. Its measurements are 31.3mm x 36.2mm x 10.8mm: width, height and thickness indicated respectively. The case is skillfully set with diamonds as well as sapphires and Paraibas tourmalines.

On its front side, the model is assembled with a high-grade sapphire crystal. It is held in place by a bezel, enhanced with 52 white diamonds. At 3 o’clock, the case features a winding crown, paved with a deep blue sapphire cabochon. The water-resistance of the timepiece is assured down to 30 meters.
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Boucheron Crazy Jungle Flamingo Watch - Harmony of Jewels
The house of Boucheron presents its new Crazy Jungle Flamingo watch, which exerts irresistible attraction on the discerning audience.

The model’s mother-of-pearl and lacquered dial proudly reveals an image of flamingo, which is regarded by the Egyptians as an incarnation of the mythical Phoenix. The flamingo’s plumage is set with pink sapphires and diamonds. Growing by the bird’s sides are pussy willows, made of green tsavorites. The sprouts’ luxury is continued on the bezel of the new Boucheron watch.

The bezel and horns are enhanced with diamonds. These sparkling elements are incorporated into the structure of the 42mm white gold case. Its thickness is 11.10mm. The front side of the new Boucheron Crazy Jungle Flamingo watch is protected by a glare-proofed sapphire crystal.
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Admire Boucheron L'Orientale Watch
Boucheron enchants the discerning public with its new L’Orientale watch. As the name of the model implies, it is driven by the brand’s passion for Orient and its amazing embellishments.

The new Boucheron watch strikes the eye with its light pink mother-of-pearl dial. It boasts scintillating diamonds, which form a charming outline for the petals of the flower, featured at its center.

The flower stands out against a background, inspired by rippling water. The diamonds are joined by pink sapphires. The display indicates central hours, minutes and seconds.
The dial is encircled by a diamond-set bezel. It is incorporated into the structure of a gorgeous 18-carat pink gold case.
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