Borgeaud Unveils Septagraph Watch
The Swiss watchmaker Borgeaud has surprised observers by unveiling its patented Septagraph watch. Encouraged by three millennia of Southern India astronomical observation, the marvelous novelty demonstrates a profound attachment to the century-old Swiss horological traditions.

The new Borgeaud Septagraph watch is a respectful nod to the Indian Panchang, a calendar followed by hundreds of millions all over the world. It divides the day into daytime and nighttime halves, each comprising eight phases roughly ninety minutes long.

The point is, that seven of them are good for different kinds of activities when the Moon finds itself in a position, mostly favorable for making decisions. The eighth, meanwhile, is neutral or maybe even bad.
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Borgeaud Septagraph Ladie's 8795 Watch - Find Time to Relax
The house of Borgeaud has stunned the horological world with the presentation of its new Septagraph Ladies 8795 watch.

The inspiration behind the new Borgeaud watch is Panchang, an Indian calendar, used by millions of people all over the world. It divides day and night time in eight parts of about 90 minutes. The fact is that seven of them are perfect for activities, which require certain decisions. The eighth, however, is unfavorable.

With this horological novelty, the brand grants a female user an opportunity to determine these 90-minute periods, including the period most appropriate for relaxation. This last-mentioned function is performed by three petals of the lotus flower on the dial. Responsible for the color of each petal is a rotating disc.
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