BLU Creates New Galaxy Watches
BLU Galaxy watch collection was initially unveiled in 2000. BLU was destined to become the first to have launched unique orbiting dial wristwatches, discreet and at the same time flamboyant. This year, BLU is glad to introduce new variations of its highly-successful Galaxy watches.

The zest of the Galaxy watch is a concentrically rotating Aventurine dial, with time shown with help of sparkling insert diamonds.

Aventurine represents a man-made type of glass special for its glittering look explained by copper particles suspended in it. Vincenzo Miotti was the one who discovered the original glass in the 17th century. The glass-maker accidently dropped copper shavings in molten glass and saw an iridescent glass paste. The glass-maker named the glass “aventurine” and received the exclusive rights to produce it. read more

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