Black Belt Watch

Black Belt Watch - For Black Belts Only
The one-of-a-kind Black Belt Watch reflects seven virtues of the Bushido Martial Art. The timepiece celebrates samurai warriors’ code, having been created for black belt fighters, who practice martial arts all over the world. All practitioners are requested to submit official rank certificates.

The Black Belt Watch is meant to support the "Little Dreams" foundation and transfers a certain amount of its sales to the "No Difference" cause. The latter represents a program that works on offering young disabled people a chance to practice a Martial Art.

To honor the Bushido Martial Art, the black belt holders, Claudio Alessi and Yvan Arpa cooperated with Swiss timepiece manufacturers and created a watch, marked with Gi Rectitude, Yu Courage, Jin Benevolence, Rei Respect , Makoto Honesty, Meiyo Honor, Chugi Loyalty. read more

Black Belt Spirit Watch - If You Respect Bushido Values
The new Spirit watch follows the steps of the Black Belt watch introduced in 2009. The timepiece has maintained the Kanjis virtues engravings on the bezel, the black color and the black belt emblem featured by its predecessor.

The Spirit watch has been created to reflect the same Samurai values as the Black Belt model. While the first model was created exclusively for holders of a black belt, the new timepiece is aimed at the general public, yet in a limited edition of 300 pieces. The owners of the watch should respect the Bushido values - goodness, courage, loyalty respect, and honor.

The case of the Spirit watch is sculptured from black PVD-treated steel and measures 42 mm in diameter. The face of the watch is framed by a rotating bezel demonstrating 12 engraved kanjis. As for the case back, it is engraved with the major Bushido virtues. The timepiece is 100-meter water-resistant.
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