Bexei Dignitas Tourbillon Diagonal Watch - Union of Complications
The house of Bexei has recently introduced its new Dignitas Tourbillon Diagonal watch, the most complicated item in the Dignitas 2010 collection.

Entirely designed and developed by hand in the manufacture’s workshops, the new Bexei watch is instantly identifiable due to a unique tourbillon, featured in diagonal position. The latest invention of Aaron Becsei, such location of the mechanism mentioned contributes to eliminating the effects of gravity.

The point is that, the diagonal arrangement diminishes the amplitude’s difference between the vertical and horizontal positions of the wristwatches: at day time they are exposed on the wrists, while at night they rest on the desk. Thus, the tourbillon system makes up for the disequilibrium of the balance wheel.
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Bexei Dignitas Pure Watch - Excellence Precision and Originality
The Dignitas collection by the house of Bexei has become a massive hit among individuals who appreciate elegance, precision and fine watchmaking traditions. Most of the extraordinary timepieces, included into the line, have been designed by Aaron Becsei, exclusively for private clients.

Now, the brand is delighted to bring forth its new Dignitas Pure watch. Similar to its predecessors, it is also created in the spirit of respect for traditions, while being at the cutting edge of technology.

The Bexei brainchild is composed of high-grade parts, entirely finished by hand. They embrace a unique invar balance with platinum screws.
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