Bertolucci Reveals Elegant Giro Watch
Bertolucci is delighted to announce its latest Giro watch, which demonstrates its character, cast in the brand’s elegant style. A true incarnation of quiet understatement, this model comes with the iconic round-shaped case, graced with a touch of distinction. The watch case is fitted with a loop-shaped bezel, rendered in 18-carat pink gold. Its surface resembles ripples, produced by a pebble, dropped into water.

The model, which accommodates an automatic movement, exposes a skeleton back, fitted with a sapphire crystal, which shows off fascinating details of the movement. The self-winding chronograph, meanwhile, is equipped with a revolutionary feature: the hand of the sub-dial, located at 6 o’clock is substituted with a rotating disc, indicating the hours.

Ticking inside the model in question is the self-winding ETA 13 1/4 7753 movement. Its functionality includes hours, minutes, seconds, date and chronograph. read more

Bertolucci Unveils Powerful Forza Watches for Men
The Distinction universe of Bertolucci never loses the power to fascinate its faithful admirers. Every horological item, created by the brand’s esteemed masters, is a testament to Bertolucci’sperpetual need for innovation. Utilizing the benefits of the modern technology, Bertolucci manufactures high-performance masterpieces, which always amaze the audience with their elegance and timeless beauty.

This year, the company once again demonstrates its ability to surprise observers by presenting new fashionable Forza watches, produced intentionally for men. Ultra-modern and virile, Forza will surely thrill the fans of eye-catching mechanics and bold design.

Sportive as they are, the Bertolucci Forza watches are designed to underscore the style of a modern man. Each model offers different functions to meet the preferences of any man. A man can decide on the chronograph equipped with a tachymeter scale, or on the 3-hand timepiece with large date and power reserve indication, or on the 3-hand watch with day and date sub-dials, as well as power reserve indication. read more

Bertolucci Unveils Serena Garbo Animation Mosaico Watch For Women
The renowned watch-making house of Bertolucci is proud to present its new Serena Garbo Animation Mosaico timepiece, which stands out due to its spectacular dial design.

The model is scheduled for launching shortly after the brand’s Serena Garbo line intended for men.

Finished with a steel folding clasp, the pink calf leather strap goes directly through the watch case and represents a unitary body in construction. The steel case with the width equal to 36.5 mm, appears to be more round than the conventional round case owing to the lug-less design.

The watch is animated by a Swiss quartz movement. Both sapphire crystal and the case boast 30-meter water-resistance.

The most eye-catching element of the Serena Garbo Animation Mosaico watch is undoubtedly its dial. The silvered opaline face features the checkerboard asymmetrical pattern adorned with square princess cut rubies. The dial also exposes laser-cut rhodium-finished hands.

The case of this model is fitted with the bezel, embellished with 180 full cut diamonds with a total weight of 2.02 carats.

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Bertolucci Forza Diamonds Limited Edition Watch - Charismatic Design and Excellent Mechanics
The house of Bertolucci is excited to offer its new Forza Diamonds Limited Edition watch. A beautiful marriage of charismatic design and excellent mechanics, it has been featured in several versions.

The new Bertolucci Forza Diamonds Limited Edition watch, reference 1394.51.428WBD.108D7, employs a 45 mm stainless steel case. All black PVD-coated, it is highlighted by the sparkle of 107 diamonds & 197 black diamonds with a total weight of 1.42 carats. The winding crown at 3 o’clock is joined by a start/stop push-button at 2 o’clock and a reset push-piece at 4 o’clock.

The front part of the timepiece is assembled with a curved, glare-proofed sapphire crystal. The skeleton case-back, equipped with a convex sapphire crystal and secured with 4 screws, permits a glance into a Swiss made automatic chronograph movement - calibre Soprod 13 1/4 2025.
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Bertolucci Unveils Uomo Large Watch
The name of the Uomo Large watch, created by the renowned house of Bertolucci, speaks for itself: the model boasts a generous diameter of 42 mm. Designed in a sportive and distinctive style, it will surely become a favorite among active contemporary men.

An expert equilibrium between exquisite design and flawless technical mastery, the Bertolucci watch is offered with a welcoming steel case. It features a screw-down crown and a back, secured by four screws. On its front, the case is armed with a cambered sapphire crystal, anti-reflective on both sides. This model from Bertolucci can withstand water-pressure at 100 meters.

Embraced by the case is a pure dial, dressed in black, blue, white or mother-of-pearl and framed by an elegant non gem-set bezel. The display exposes elegant hour-markers as well as minutes, hours and seconds hands, traveling over them. The date indication is arranged in an exhibition window at 3 o’clock.

The Bertolucci Uomo Large watch is coupled a steel "tour de bras" bracelet or a black crocodile leather strap. Both are closed with a folding clasp.

This creation from Bertolucci is also available in a steel version. It carries a bezel, paved with dazzling diamonds. The customers can also enjoy a steel and 750 (18K) gold interpretation, mounted on a matching bracelet.

Sportive, yet extremely elegant, this remarkable watch is easy-to-wear on all occasions.

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Meet Bertolucci's New Marvelous Giogo Watch
Bertolluci is proud to unveil its new marvelous Giogo watch. The timepiece strengthens the brand’s creative approach to the development of its unique products. The boundless imagination of the craftsmen united with the masterful traditions of the watchmaking, having given birth to the startling masterpiece.

The Bertolluci Giogo watch is a nice reflection of a multi-faceted feminine universe, demonstrating a time-tested style and refined eccentricity.

The Gioco watch honors bewitching beauty of women, as dazzling as the most beautiful diamond and is actually impossible to forget. Aimed at most graceful and demanding ladies, every interpretation is available in a limited number of five pieces. A true piece of art, each of these hand-crafted watches boasts the supreme purity of the dial. The case of the Gioco watch is sculptured in 18K gold.
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Serena "In The Air" from Bertolucci
Every year, the world famous watchmaker Bertolucci develops novel products, which can be characterized by the 4Cs, implying the brand’s core values - Creativity, Curves, Comfort and Construction.

In the world of Bertolucci luxury watches the classic lines with their bold design, successfully passing the time, are in the prime focus.

Elements, borrowed from numerous styles and designs, give birth to a new image, where casual, elegant and natural features are brought to the forefront.

Simple, yet advanced from a technological standpoint, understated, yet extremely fashionable, the Casual Chic models can be worn during official events and they also work well for times, when a more casual attire is appropriate. In other words, these watches provide a true delight to elegant ladies and gentlemen, in search for an exclusive and audacious design.

The sensuality and gracefulness of Latin Women totally match the brand’s image and values.
Due to their elegant and gentle curves, the Casual Chic models softly “embrace” the wrist of their lucky wearers.

For the new Fall/Winter 2009 season, Bertolucci is proud to introduce its novel supremely fashionable and feminine animation, Serena “In the Air” , which is an elegant successor of the “Olive Tree” model, presented as a part of the Spring/Summer collection.

To convey the charming combination of Italian femininity and quiet chic, the Serena watch is performed in black with diamonds, featuring an embellishment of countless waves, running along the strap and through the dial. The diamonds on the black calf leather strap happen to duplicate those exposed on the dial.

The Serena “In the Air” case, featuring the dimensions of 29.10mm x 40.00 mm, is crafted in stainless steel. It is assembled with a glass curved sapphire crystal, treated with an anti-reflective compound.

Giving life to the timekeeper’s functions is calibre ETA 8 1/4 256.041 Swiss Quartz movement.

The watch boasts 30-meter water-resistance.
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Bertolucci Novelty: Serena Garbo Dual Time Watch
In 2009, Bertolucci enlarges its iconic Serena Garbo watch collection by a new timepiece for men - the Serena Garbo Dual Time. The men’s watch is a modern interpretation of a classic model, having acquired a unique contemporary style.

The Serena Garbo watch reminds a pebble with soft, pure curves created by waves under the Mediterranean sun. It makes one feel the sensuality of Latin people. The elegant watch will become a refined man's timekeeping companion for all circumstances.

The self-winding men’s watch demonstrates a big date at 12 o’clock and a dual time zone at 6 o’clock. read more

Bertolucci Volta II Watch - Heart-in-Heart Charm
Bertolucci has proudly delivered its new Volta II watch - reference 1233.50.41.8.A11R8SHE.50H. It catches the eye with a mesmerizing rotating heart-in-heart amulet.

The new Bertolucci watch is embodied in a 42mm round-shaped case, manufactured from stainless steel. It is highlighted by the sparkle of full cut 76 diamonds in FGH color and VVS clarity. The total weight of the jewels comes to 1.01 carats

On its top the case features an anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The case-back is screwed on with 4 screws. The time is adjusted through the crown at 10 o’clock. The water-resistance of the case is assured down to 30 meters.

Housed in the new Bertolucci Volta II watch is a white silvered opalin dial with a concentric and shell pattern.
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Bertolucci Forza II Watch - Strength and Elegance
Never at a loss for ideas, the house of Bertolucci gladly delivers its new Forza II men’s watch.

This horological creation is set in a 45mm stainless steel case. It boasts alternated fine-brushed and polished surfaces. The case is outlined by a black PVD-treated or solid 18kt rose gold bezel.

The new Bertolucci watch is equipped with a gold-plated crown. It is joined by pebble chronograph pushers: start/stop at 2 o'clock and reset at 4 o'clock.

The front side of the model is shielded by a curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. Its back part is secured by 4 screws. The case is built to be 50-meter water-resistant.
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Bertolucci Giro Swing Watch - Dazzling Diamonds and Useful Functions
The Italian house of Bertolucci is excited to announce its Giro Swing watch - a perfect companion for the elegant woman of today.

A dazzling union of diamonds and useful functions, the new model has been released in two charming versions. The first interpretation, reference 1153.55.41P.6.10E00, is offered in a round-shaped case, crafted from stainless steel. It boasts the dimensions of 42.20 mm x 9.40 mm, diameter and thickness indicated respectively.

Entirely polished and fine-brushed, the case is enhanced with 64 full cut diamonds in FGH color and VVS clarity. The overall weight of these precious stones totals to 0.43 carats. The winding crown is featured at 3 o’clock. On its front side, the case is armed with an anti-glare sapphire crystal. The model also exposes a case-back, secured by 4 screws. The new Bertolucci watch is built to be water-resistant up to 50 meters.
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Bertolucci Forza Chronograph Watch - Black Spirit
In constant pursuit of originality and excellence, the house of Bertolucci delights the public with its mind-blowing Forza Chronograph watch, black from top to toe.

The new Bertolucci watch catches the eye with a new unique appearance, which breathes a new life into the style of traditional sport timepieces. The model employs a breathtaking 45mm case. Crafted from steel, it demonstrates a black PVD-treated surface.

The timekeeper is equipped with an imposing winding crown, embossed with the brand’s logo. The other highlights of the case include chronograph pushers and lugs, designed in a special style.
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Fascinating Vir Lady Watch from Bertolucci
The incarnation of refinement and sensuality, the Vir Lady watch from the famous watch manufacture Bertolucci is aimed at female connoisseurs who know how to recognize the value of well done work.

This extraordinary creation is clothed in a polished steel case. It brings to mind the soft silky roundness of a pebble shaped by the relentless sea. The case is offset by a bezel, encrusted with a multitude of dazzling diamonds.

The bezel securely holds a high-grade sapphire crystal. It covers the exquisite dial, performed in mother-of-pearl. The display sports eleven sparkling diamonds, which serve as hour-markers. Moving gracefully around the dial are hours, minutes and seconds hands. Animating the Bertolucci lady's watch functions is a robust quartz movement.

The Bertolucci Vir Lady watch is mounted on a steel bracelet. The water-resistance of the lady's watch is assured to 30 meters.

A perfect daily companion for a contemporary lady, this timepiece has been also released in other interpretations: steel and 750 (18K) gold, 750 (18K) yellow or pink gold.

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Bertolucci Presents New Giro Watches
Marvelous horological creations from the famous house of Bertolucci are encouraged by the culture and lifestyle of Tuscany, a region where the air is saturated with creativity and elegance. With every collection issued, the brand invites its faithful admirers to travel to the Italian Riviera and enjoy the beauty of Italian women, magical colors and fragrances as well as softness of silky pebbles rounded by the relentless sea.

Now, the brand takes great pride in announcing its new Giro watches, reserved both for men and women. Also inspired by the sunny Italian coast, these novelties benefit from Swiss cutting-edge technology and materials. Designed in the company’s signature Casual Chic style, the new Bertolucci watches exude supreme elegance and classical simplicity. read more

Bertolucci Creates Bella Costa Watch Collection
The renowned watchmaking house Bertolucci ensures that the 4Cs, which stand for Creativity, Curves, Comfort and Construction, are shown in its every collection.

The Casual Chic watches don’t stray from this policy, established by the brand many years ago. Every horological creation from the collection demonstrates a luxury factor, taking an admirable surge upward. A clever blend of simple and up-to-date elements, the Casual Chic watches represent a perfect complement to a lady’s casual outfit, as well as to an elegant evening attire.

Now, Bertolucci is delighted to unveil its Bella Costa collection, which affirms its character in a sporty style. A part of the brand’s Casual Chic universe, these watches reveal a devastatingly chic, functional, sensual and elegantly modern exterior. read more

Bertolucci Sereno Garbo Valentina Watch - Make Her Happy
Manufacturing of all Bertolucci watches is based on four pillars, known as four “Cs”: Creativity, Curves, Comfort and Construction. Always inspired by irresistible charm of Italian Riviera and technical mastery of Switzerland, the models, manufactured by the company’s specialists, celebrate a union of beauty and precision.

Each piece in Bertolucci Casual Chic universe proudly demonstrates its undreamed-of soft curves. Iconic, yet exceptional, the Bertolucci watches are distinguished by their quiet chic, which is appropriate for almost any event of the day.

The Sereno Garbo “Valentina” watch is another novelty from Bertolucci, scheduled to be launched at the beginning of the year. It stands out due to its new dial, evocative shapes and exquisite finishing. A perfect gift for a Lady on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, this watch will enable a man to express his true feelings of Love.
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Bertolucci Precious Stria Watch
The Stria watch from Bertolucci will definitely captivate a lady’s imagination and draw her into the enchanting world of the Mediterranean. This appealing timepiece recalls the peerless charm of the Italian Rivierra.

Measuring 39.7 mm in diameter, the watch case is sculptured in 5 N (18K) pink gold and embellished with gentle undulations. The striations and contours in the Stria jewelry interpretation are studded with diamonds.

The black version is illuminated by the play of 274 diamonds with the total weight equal to 1.26 carats. The white mother-of pearl interpretation is paved with 162 diamonds, which weight totals to 0.7 carats. By virtue of these gemstones, the undulations around black opaline or natural mother-of-pearl of the dial glitter with fascination.  read more

Bertolucci Unveils New Volta Watches
The famous watchmaking company Bertolucci has, in some magical way, created the Distinction universe of gracefulness, pure lines and subtlety. The brand gladly unveils its new Volta collection. The collection includes four models, inspired by the mysteries of eternal Italy. The majestic timepieces radiate their fascination, reminding of sunny coasts of the Italian Riviera.

Elegance, beauty and impeccable performance characterize these timepieces.
Introduced by Bertolucci in 2009, the new Distinction line Volta received its name from the well-known phrase “C’era una volta”, meaning “Once upon a time”.

With the masterpieces from the Bertolucci Volta collection watch lovers will be able to glide through the sea waves, softly caressing the gold and silver pebbles, and discover sparkling diamonds, impressive blue steel, alluring opalin, as well as a true tenderness of pink sapphires. read more

Bertolucci Launches Its New Advertising Campaign "Standing"
BERTOLUCCI, the most Italian of all the Swiss timepiece brands, has opted for its own creations as a muse, to convey to the world the exclusiveness of its perfect designs.

Since its debut in 1987, this watch brand has always manufactured innovative and exceptional products inspired by its origins, Tuscany and the elements, feelings and impressions the beaches of the Italian Riviera generously provided it with.

The strengths of its Mediterranean influence and the world famous exactitude and excellence in the Swiss craftsmanship meet and unite, turning the name BERTOLUCCI into a synonym of a watch brand, always composing something novel, something distinctive and something exclusive.

An exceptional selection of luxury watches is founded on its philosophy of the 4“Cs” , that is Creativity, Curves, Comfort and Construction.

The new BERTOLUCCI advertising campaign is totally dedicated to the timekeeping companion, standing on a golden wave, encouraged by the reflections of the Mediterranean Sea and embraced by a golden aura, and demonstrating its exquisite finishing.

For the moment, the “Standing” idea is represented by three visuals: two new ones will make their appearance later this year.

The marketing supports, such as Internet website and general catalogues, will duplicate this innovative visual authenticity, which will be a welcome newcomer to the various markets, certifying an unrivalled brand image, acclaimed all over the world.

Look through a nice range of Bertolucci watches:

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