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Bell and Ross BR01 Instrument Tourbillon Watch
The dial of the Bell & Ross watch shows off four counters arranged in a cross and featuring contrasting colors:the hours are presented in a counter at 12 o’clock (while the minutes are indicated by the central hand);the 120-hour power reserve indicator is found at at 9 o’clock;the trust index is positioned at 3 o’clock;the Tourbillon highlights the dial in an aperture at 6 o'clock.The hands, numbers and index are coated with white, photo-luminescent material, creating a distinctive contrast with the black dial to guarantee optimum readability under any light conditions. read more

Phantom Watch from Bell & Ross
The new Bell & Ross BR 01 Tourbillon bears a mysterious name of 'Phantom'. It is available in a limited number of 18 pieces.

The black carbon fiber dial features the hands and indexes coated in photo-luminescent substance to provide perfect time readability even in the night darkness. Almost unscratchable, its coating is glass bead blasted titane with Diamond Like Carbon.

The Bell & Ross Phantom, with 46-mm case, is equipped with the BR01 Tourbillon movement with carbon fibre mainplates and black gold tourbillon carriage.

Here are the watch's functions: hours, minutes, 120 hour power reserve indicator, and trust index. The Bell & Ross watch boasts 100-meter water-resistance. read more

Bell and Ross Creates Instrument BR 01-93 24h GMT
Bell & Ross Instrument BR01 watch line has been joined by a new timepiece that provides the second time zone function.

The new Instrument BR 01-93 24h GMT represents a high-tech timekeeping companion for frequent travelers. The GMT function shows the time at two different locations simultaneously.

The matte black dial of the timepiece is characterized by great readability. The white hands on the dial show the time at the location whre the watch’s wearer finds himself at the moment, while the orange hand on the 24-hour inner bezel displays the time in the country where he lives. The date function is presented via a small window positioned between 4 and 5 o'clock. read more

Bell and Ross BR 01-92 Compass Watch - Unconventional and Reliable
The latest Bell & Ross novelty - BR01-92 Compass watch – has been inspired by old aviation cockpit instrumentation. The watch is to be available starting with October in a limited edition of 500 pieces.

The watch stands out from the crowd of conventional timepieces as it lacks hour and minute hands. The time is shown via two discs. You will notice a white vertical line on the sapphire crystal that is used to detect the time. The inner disc shows the minutes and the outer disc shows the hours.

The heart of the new Bell & Ross watch is a Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement.
The case of the watch is sculptured in stainless steel and provided with black PVD coating. read more

Bell & Ross Watches for French Air Force Pilots
The Chief of Staff of the French Air Force has asked Bell & Ross to create a symbolic and functional timepiece that would correspond to the specific demands of the fighter pilots.

As a result, the brand has unveiled two special limited edition watches, 250 pieces each, in a steel case version and a carbon finish steel case version.

Devoted to the development of high performance timekeeping instruments, Bell & Ross has managed to create a made-to-order instrument, a special tool for fighter pilots. The highly functional watch proudly reveals the colors of the French Air Force, dubbed the Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation.

The professional timekeeping instrument, developed to meet the specific needs of Air Force pilots, reflects the fundamental principles of the brand. It is characterized by utmost readability provided by the digital and analogical display. The remarkable precision is guaranteed by a reliable quartz movement. The multifunctional watch incorporates a bidirectional rotating bezel and boasts 100-meter water resistance.

The Chief of staff of the French Air Force was presented with the first Bell & Ross Instrument BR 03 Type Aviation at an official ceremony. This month the timepiece will also be available for the general public.
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Bell and Ross BR 03 Military Ceramic Watch - Extremely Reliable
Bell & Ross is delighted to unveil its new BR 03-92 Military Ceramic watch, which pays tribute to the art of military camouflage.

The BR 03 Military Ceramic watch is available with an impressive 42 mm matte case, manufactured entirely from olive drab ceramic. This precious material is the brand’s natural choice, since it is characterized by light weight, scratch-resistance and high level of durability. Moreover, hypoallergenic and soft to the touch, it is extremely comfortable to wear.

The water-resistance of the men’s watch is assured to 100 meters. On the front side, the case proudly exposes a tinted sapphire crystal, treated with anti-glare coating.
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Bell and Ross BR 01-92 Radar Watch - Most Unconventional Time Display
The Bell & Ross iconic Instrument BR watch collection welcomes a new aviation-inspired member - the BR 01-92 Radar watch.

The zest of the watch is its innovative display of hours, minutes, and small seconds based on concentrically oriented discs that provide a remarkably easy-to-read layout with strategically colored line segments. It will make you think of an aircraft radar with its hypnotic light beam.

The square case of the new Bell & Ross Radar watch is sculptured from 316L stainless steel and measures 46 mm in diameter. The metal surface of the case is provided with a black carbon coating. The case construction incorporates a screw-down comfortable-to-grip winding crown. It is 100-meter water-resistant. read more

Bell and Ross Introduces New INSTRUMENT BR HERITAGE
The Bell&Ross INSTRUMENT watches enjoy great demand as highly legible, precise and functional timekeeping companions inspired by aircraft cockpit instrument panels.

The INSTRUMENT BR 01 watch is inspired by 1970s aircraft cockpit on-board instruments. The INSTRUMENT BR 03 Type Aviation reflects the highly advanced watchmaking technologies. It accommodates a multi-function movement and inspired by the 2000s highly advanced aircraft cockpits.

The new Bell & Ross INSTRUMENT BR HERITAGE watches feature the design clues suggested by the 1940s military aircraft instruments. The timepieces, reflecting the brand’s rich history, incorporate the most modern techniques.
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BR-S Ceramic - High-technology and Elegance from Bell and Ross
For lovers of precious stones, Bell & Ross has created a version with a steel bezel paved with diamonds.The pure dial of the BR-S Ceramic watches is completed with transferred or appliqué figures and indexes, as well as originally-shaped hour and minute hands, half-filled with luminous material for perfect visibility. read more

Bell and Ross Introduces BR 123 and BR 126 Vintage Original Carbon Watches
Bell & Ross has proudly delivered its new Vintage Original Carbon watches - BR 123 and BR 126. The acclaimed Vintage collection is devoted to the professional pilots of the 1940s, who were the first to rely on the timekeepers in the course of their missions.

Equipped with a number of vintage elements, the new Bell & Ross watches still offer sophisticated technology and appealing design of modern timepieces.

It is an ultra-domed sapphire crystal, which lends both models a vintage look. Characterized by high level of resistance, the glass reminds of the intensive usage of the on-board flight instrumentation.
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Bell and Ross Vintage Officer Watches - In Tribute to Aviators
The Bell & Ross Vintage Collection welcomes new members – the Officer Black and the Officer Silver watches. The new timepieces have been created as a tribute to the aviators of the 1940’s. They actually became the first professionals to make use of the wristwatch as a professional instrument during their missions.

The new Vintage Officer watches demonstrate an elegant look due to their brightly polished, luxurious contours. Their exceptional nature is expressed via the impeccable finish and thorough attention paid to every detail.

All the members of the Vintage collection are united by the same characteristics. Their case has maintained the traditional round shape, having acquired an ergonomic design for utmost comfort on the wrist.
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Bell & Ross Launches Limited Edition BR03-92 Instrument Phantom Infiniti Watch
Bell & Ross is launching an exclusive watch to celebrate collaboration with Infiniti, the luxury car brand that belongs to Nissan Motor Co, Japan. The timepiece is destined at Infiniti customers and passionate watch collectors. The two brands are united by common values - supreme performance, craftsmanship, precision, and luxury.

The Bell & Ross Limited Edition BR03-92 Instrument Phantom Infiniti watch commemorates the recently unveiled Infiniti FX Limited Edition performance crossover, to be available in a limited edition of just 100 individually-numbered examples worldwide. The wristwatch will be also limited to 100 pieces and available only at Infiniti Centers in Europe - in Zurich and Geneva for Switzerland.

The design of the new Bell & Ross has been inspired by the design of the Infiniti car. The 42 mm steel case demonstrates the black carbon powder finish that will make you think of the graphite finish featured by many exterior parts of the Infiniti FX Limited Edition.
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Bell and Ross Creates SR1 Concept Watch for Peugeot Concept Car
The top Swiss watchmaker Bell & Ross has recently released a special interpretation of its BR 01-97 Power Reserve watch. The model has been intentionally manufactured for a Peugeot Concept Car, to be exhibited at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show. The new Bell & Ross watch is absolutely exceptional as it can be easily integrated into the dashboard instrumentation of the Peugeot SR1 car.

The Bell & Ross SR1 Concept Watch employs a case, rendered in stainless steel and measuring 46mm in diameter. The case is fitted with a screw-down knurled crown. As to the fundamental dimensions and finishing of the case, the watch follows the steps of the brand's famous BR 01-97 Power Reserve.

A distinctive flair of this novelty is represented by the three-dimensional dial, which reveals a texture, reminiscent of the crystalline patterns of a snowflake. For the complex patterns to appear on the metal surface of the watch face, Bell & Ross utilized the most advanced machining operations. read more

Bell and Ross Presents BR 01 Carbon Fiber Watch
Bell & Ross has a big surprise for all fans of the brand and all watch lovers – they have created a watch sculptured entirely from carbon fibre, including the case, dial and strap.

The Instrument BR 01 Carbon Fiber watch, inspired by aeronautical construction techniques, boasts the case fashioned in one block made of carbon fibre layers that are superimposed over each other. The Bell & Ross watchmakers have opted for carbon fibre as this is an ultra-light and remarkably strong material that provides supreme comfort of wearing and improves the case solidity.

The solidity of the high-tech-architecture case is further strengthened by the bezel and upper plate with angle ribs.
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Bell & Ross Offers Commando Watches
Bell & Ross, a manufacturer of sports timepieces, unveiled its latest BR 01 watches distinguished by their strong "tacticool" aura.

Expressively named Commando, these interpretations accentuate stealth and zero light reflectivity via the blend of a grey powder coating on BR stainless steel cases, sized 46mm, and dials with an unnoticeable primer grey color scheme.

Two versions introduced, are available in a limited edition of 500 items. The Bell & Ross Commando BR 01-96 demonstrates the hours, minutes and sweep seconds, alongside with a large date display, governed by means of the winding crown.

The BR 01-97 offers a conventional date display, featuring, however, a circular power reserve indicator meant to inform about the degree of operating power left in the spring barrel.

These two Bell & Ross Commando timepieces incorporate ETA base calibers, which boast approximately a 42-hour power reserve.

Anti-reflective flat sapphire crystals, black superluminova-coated hands, as well as bold hour and minute scales, ensure perfect readability no matter how much light is available. The special dials are complemented by Bell & Ross matching straps made of grey rubber and powder coated buckles.

Similar to other Bell & Ross BR 01 versions, the Commandos provide 100-meter water resistance. Straps on these timepieces can be replaced by their synthetic canvas or leather alternatives.

Look through a fine range of Bell & Ross watches:

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Bell Ross Creates Instrument BR 01 Airborne Watch
Aeronautical instruments are highly appreciated for their great reliability, readability, and performance. Keeping in mind these outstanding characteristics, Bell & Ross designers worked hard to recreate a cockpit dashboard clock as a wristwatch and the brand’s most successful Instrument collection was born.

Now, Bell & Ross introduces the Instrument BR 01 Airborne. The unique watch has been inspired by a historical military symbol. The watch pays tribute to military paratroopers, and, in particular, to those courageous men who struggled in the US Airborne divisions, known as one of the toughest army corps.

The BR 01 Airborne watch represents a kind of talisman. The timepiece will be available in a limited edition of 500 pieces.
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Bell & Ross Equips Michel Fournier for the 'Big Jump'
Bell & Ross has equipped Michel Fournier in his search for the extreme. The brand is famous for having achieved a world record with its Hydromax model providing water-resistance at 11,100 meters. Now Bell & Ross has partnered with Michel Fournier trying to beat the altitude world record for a sky dive with a 40,000 meter (equal to 130,000 feet or nearly 25 mile) jump.

On May 26th, 4.30am local time in Canada, in North Battleford, Canada, Michel Fournier has made a stratospheric jump from the frontier of space and for the first time in history a skydiver has broken the sound barrier at a speed of 1,500 kilometers per hour (932 miles per hour).

For this record breaking jump Michel Fournier has chosen to wear the BR 02 INSTRUMENT, a blend of high technology and precision watch-making, characterized by extreme reliability. The mechanism of the watch was designed to resist extreme pressures, as well as abnormally low temperatures.
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Bell & Ross BR01 Tourbillon Airborne - If You Like to be Different
Bell & Ross presents its new timekeeping creation based on its two famous models - the BR01 Airborne watch and BR01 Tourbillon. The new timepiece is named the Bell & Ross BR01 Tourbillon Airborne. It is a perfect timekeeping companion for those who dare to be different and appreciate originally designed items.

The new Bell & Ross watch also stands out due to its regulator-style time display for hours, minutes, seconds - all indicated by a separate hand on a separate display. The hand in the center looks like a sword. The tourbillon cage actually serves as the seconds hand. The timepiece also offers a power reserve display, and a torque indicator to keep you away from overwinding the Swiss manual-wind movement.

The Bell & Ross BR01 Tourbillon Airborne watch is all performed in black. Its case is rendered in titanium and measures 46mm in diameter. Its surface is provided with diamond like carbon (DLC) coating. It guarantees 100-meter water-resistance. Sapphire crystals protect its eye-catching dial and the case-back displaying the movement plate.
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Bell and Ross Vintage Original BR 126 Chronograph - Retro-Themed Look and Modern Technology
An expert in creating high-end pilot’s and military timepieces, Bell & Ross takes great pride in announcing its new Vintage Original BR 126 Chronograph watch, a worthy addition to the remarkable Vintage BR 126 line.

Developed with aviators in mind, the new Bell & Ross watch is set in a 41 mm stainless steel case, which demonstrates satin-finished surface. Round-shaped, it incorporates an imposing bezel, also manufactured from stainless steel.

Keeping the Vintage Original BR 126 Chronograph watch secured to the wearer’s wrist is a brown leather strap.

A combination of retro-themed exterior and cutting-edge technology, the Bell & Ross watch will be enthusiastically received by knowledgeable public. read more

Bell and Ross Unisex BR-S Mat Black Ceramic Watches
The Bell & Ross iconic BR-S collection comprises timepieces that stand out due to their appealing square style. The BR-01 and BR-03 models are now available with a smaller, sleeker, smarter design.

The Bell & Ross BR-S Mat Black Ceramic watches seem to be created to perfectly fit the wrist of a lady. Yet, the watches are destined to enjoy great success among men. In fact, these are unisex timepieces for those who appreciate performance and sporty elegance. These are right timekeeping companions to match formal attire.

The watches feature a 39mm square matt black ceramic case fitted with four distinctive black steel screws. The case is coupled with a masculine rubber strap.

The heart of the Bell & Ross BR-S Mat Black watches is a precision quartz movement - ETA.980.163 - that provides the functions of hours, minutes and small seconds. read more

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