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Jan 20, 2011
The Louis Moinet Astralis watch is an innovative timepiece characterized by the top level of technical sophistication. The watch boasts a one-of-a-kind union of complications: an astral Tourbillon, a split-second column-wheel Chronograph, a 24-hour Planetarium that features four extremely rare meteorites.

The Astralis watch will be available in a limited number of just 12 pieces.

The 46.50mm case of the new Louis Moinet watch is rendered in warm 18K rose gold, demonstrating polished finishing. The highly sophisticated case construction is assembled from 50 different parts. It incorporates an innovative interchangeable crown tube system. The timepiece is 50-meter water-resistant.

The Astralis watch boasts an absolutely pure design, with the split-second function integrated within the crown. The bezel is fixed with six screws and features powerful facets softened by the master polisher.

The watch has inherited the signature characteristics of the brand’s timepieces. The dial is embellished with a “Cotes du Jura” motif, the “Gouttes de Rosee” (meaning “dewdrop”) hands, and the brand’s unique case construction. The design of the watch also demonstrates some original touches - the split-second hand bearing a shooting star and the pushers embellished with a wind rose.

The Astral Tourbillon is the zest of the upper part of the dial. The escapement is found on a mobile carriage, negating the gravity effects and improving rating precision. The plate is sculptured from aventurine. It is perfectly chased and is just 0.03mm thick, representing an outstanding technical feat. Aventurine is a great material choice to present a star-studded sky as an original backdrop for the technical nature of the tourbillon.

Within the mobile carriage, the balance-and-spring assembly, lever-wheel and lever make a complete turn every 60 seconds. One more peculiarity – the carriage of the Astralis tourbillon is connected to the planetarium with help of a vertical bar. The latter is beveled and drawn by hand, and embellished with a jewel on both ends.

The magnificent split-second mechanism is originally highlighted, with the column wheel produced from blued steel, and the split-second clamps produced all of a piece. The rattrapante bridge is manually engraved with a “shooting star” motif.

The heart of the Louis Moinet Astralis watch is the LM27 movement based on a historical Venus calibre. The finely crafted movement demonstrates gilded wheels, jewel sinks, and blued steel screws. The tourbillon bridge is decorated with a hand engraving inspired by the cosmos.

The 24-hour planetarium revolves once a day, showing off four planets presented with help of meteorites. The planets are the following:

1) Mars: Louis Moinet has proudly become the first and only watchmaking company to equip its timepiece with an authentic meteorite from the planet Mars. It is worth mentioning that less than 75 meteorites from Mars have received authentication by scientific institutes.

The Jiddat al Harasis 479 meteorite from Mars covered a distance of over 55 million kilometers.

2) Mercury: This planet is presented by the world’s most precious meteorite: Sahara 99555 that is actually the most ancient known rock in the entire solar system. It is estimated to be 4 billion 566 million years old!

3) The Sun: For the sun, Louis Moinet has chosen the extremely beautiful Itqiy meteorite. It is an asteroid that formed close to the sun. The meteorite brought important scientific indications on the formation of the solar system. Yet, the scientists haven’t determined its origin.

4) The Moon: Louis Moinet is also extremely proud to represent the only watchmaking company to use a lunar meteorite - Dhofar 459. It is important to mention that less than 100 meteorites from the Moon have been identified worldwide. These meteorites are of extreme rarity and intended for the most discerning collectors.

The Louis Moinet Astralis watch is secured to the wrist on an extremely comfortable hand-sewn Louisiana alligator strap lined with crocodile leather. The strap is fitted with a double folding clasp in 18K rose gold and grade 5 titanium featuring a PVD finish.

The watch is housed in the signature Louis Moinet presentation box paying tribute to the Traite d’Horlogerie, a highly-respected reference work written by the master-watchmaker in 1848.

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