Most Friendly Wristwatch - Artya Oh, My Dog!
Artya is pleased to unveil its new timepiece that is best characterized as an extremely friendly timekeeping companion. The watch is originally named - “Oh, my dog! ”. It was born out of successful partnership between a talented watchmaker and a gifted artist.

The face of the new Artya watch demonstrates a painting of a smiling pit bull in white created by artist Dominique Arpa-Cirpka. The artist made the painting on request from a customer.

The timepiece boasts not only a highly original dial but also a unique case struck by lightning to come up with an absolutely unique effect.
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Artya Presents Artpiece 1/1 and Coup de Foudre Watches
The Swiss watchmaker Artya is extremely pleased to bring out its new striking models christened Artpiece 1/1 and Coup de foudre. These novelties represent a clever blend of high-performance engineering, superior craftsmanship and modern art.

Each of the new Artya watches has been infused with a highly personal design. These horological products have definitely announced a new era in the world of watchmaking. The brand’s best craftsmen have brought emotion and creativity to the forefront, thus relegating the concept of time to the background.

The head of the watch company, Yvan Arpa, is a highly qualified professional, who gained his experience in watchmaking at Sector No Limit, Baume & Mercier, Hublot and Romain Jerome. He came up with the idea of transforming the traditional timepiece into a piece of art, a happy medium between a painting and a sculpture. read more

ArtyA Presents Perpetual Calendar 1 / 1 Watch
Artya has created a new exclusive timepiece that reflects the best traditions of Swiss high watchmaking - 1/1 Perpetual Calendar watch. The novelty pays tribute to time and reflects its creators’ quest for immortality.

The timepiece demonstrates a heart-winning combination of different materials and shades, including steel, black and gold.

The heart of the new Artya watch is a reliable Swiss movement built with a silicon escapement embellished with magnificent hieroglyphics engravement on the plates, bridges and calendar discs that acquired a one-of-a-kind poly matt effect.

The skeleton dial catches attention by its six hands originally decorated with twisted and welded filaments. indicates all the necessary information - hour, date, month and year.
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Daniel Strom & ArtyA Create Limited Edition Unique Piece 1/1 Watch Collection
ArtyA and Daniel Strom have joined their talents to come up with a unique limited edition watch collection of "Agonium Deconstructed" watches. The collection will comprise 88 pieces, each of them offering a unique look of a hand-painted case and dial.

The creators of the collection used the Daniel Strom Agonium "Memento Mori, Carpe Diem" watch collection as the base. The name of the collection is translated as the following “remember you will die, so seize the day”.

The steel tonneau-shaped case of the base watch demonstrates hand-engraved fluorescent gothic skulls. The glance is caught by five large skulls at each corner of the timepiece. The crown also looks like a skull.
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Artya Unveils Artpiece 1/1 Liquid Dial Watch
Artya presents its new horological masterpiece – the Artpiece 1/1 Liquid dial watch.

As every creation of the brand, the watch catches imagination with its unusual design – the hand-decorated dial is embellished with real free-moving liquid. The liquid makes the dial look like it is covered with a layer of ice and snow.

The case of the new Artya watch is sculptured from steel with satin-finished or black PVD-coated surface.

The heart of the timepiece is a self-winding mechanical movement, manufactured and assembled independently by the brand’s master watchmakers.
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Artya Farfalla Collection - Ode to Butterflies
The Swiss horological company Artya has launched its captivating Farfalla collection, to be officially unveiled at the GTE 2011 in Geneva. Its inspiration was found in lepidopterology, a branch of zoology dealing with the most beautiful flying organisms in the insect kingdom - butterflies and moths that are kept safe under glass for observation.

Similar to the collectors, involved in this amazing hobby, the brand offers the audience a perfect chance to admire butterflies' beauty, presented under glass. In the case with the new Artya watches, it is sapphire crystal.

The creative minds within the manufacture have opted for just wings from various butterfly species and skillfully arranged them in a collage of colors. Each wing marvelously plays with the light, ensuring a unique harmonious appearance of the display.
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Artya Presents Fearsome Halloween Special Collection
The Swiss horological company Artya has surprised its ardent admirers by launching its “frightening” Halloween Special collection, which embraces a Mask of Evil watch and a Spider watch.

Encapsulating the very idea of exception, the new Artya watches illustrate an original concept that was born in the creative mind of Yvan Arpa. These unique timepieces are instantly identifiable due to blood, skulls, and screaming faces, artfully presented on their dials. The display of the Spider watch comprises a corpse of a real spider.

A true work of art, each dial is embellished by hand, utilizing 17 specific artistic techniques. They include collage, application of dyes and pigments as well as forging. The hours and minutes are indicated by charismatically designed centralized hands. They are supported by a slim seconds hand.
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1/1 Artpiece ArtyA Snowflake Diamonds for Christmas
Swiss luxury watchmaking company ArtyA makes a nice Christmas gift for all watch lovers - the 1/1 Artpiece ArtyA Snowflake Diamonds watch.

The new ArtyA watch catches the glance by diamonds set with electric wires on the hand-made dial and case. The precious stones seem to be floating in some magic way between the case and the exclusive quadri rotor movement. The glance is fascinated by the unique setting on the case that follows the pattern of a snowflake.

The heart of the unique timepiece is a Swiss-made self-winding quadri-rotor movement. The 25-jewel mechanism gives an advantage of a 42-hour power-reserve.
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Artya Bye Bye Euro Watch - Spiced with Subtle Sense of Humor
Yvan Arpa, the founder of the horological company Artya, never ceases to amaze its admirers with his boundless imagination and subtle sense of humor.

This time, the brand has issued its new Bye Bye Euro unique watch, which pays tribute to the Brussels summit 2011, summoned to announce the end of the Euro currency. The novelty strikes the eye with its exclusive dial, decorated with real Euro bills, passed through a shredder.

The display ensures central hours, minutes and seconds. The hands of the new Artya watch are powered by a Swiss made self-winding movement. Protecting the dial is a high grade sapphire crystal.
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Meet Artya 1/1 Halloween Collection 2011 Watch
Artya is pleased to present its new 1/1 Halloween Collection 2011, which includes watches both for men and women.

Every new Artya watch is issued as a unique piece and features a case-back engraved with a testifying inscription. The case is made of stainless steel. It is embossed, defaced, tortured and struck by a lightning bolt between 100.000 and 1.000.000 volts, lending the model its special shape and color.

The version for women measures 38mm in diameter, while the men’s interpretation has a diameter of 47mm. The top of each case is protected by a sapphire crystal. Its water-resistance is assured down to 50 meters.
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ArtyA Scissor Cut 1/1 Watch for Art Lovers
ArtyA catches imagination of watch-lovers by its new one-of-a-kind timepiece – the Scissor Cut 1/1 watch. It celebrates the centuries-old know-how and expertise of Swiss craftswomen and watchmakers, and the art of paper cutting in particular.

The art of paper cutting appeared in Switzerland in the 16th Century. Later on, in the 18th Century, it was brought by immigrants to colonial America. This high-precision art has spread worldwide and has successfully mixed with different cultural styles.

Nowadays, this art is actively employed in Switzerland for wall frames. The dials of the new ArtyA Scissor Cut 1/1 have been created using this miniature technique, so each dial is a true work of art, created by a Swiss traditional artist.
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Artya Son of a Gun Watch - Union of Horology and Firearms
The house of Artya is happy to unveil its new Son of a Gun watch - a union of Swiss high-end horology and firearms.

A true delight for collectors and gun lovers, the new Artya watch employs a 47mm stainless steel case with a target-like bezel. The originality of the model lies in six real 6mm Flobert bullets, suspended like in Russian Roulette between the case and the target-designed dial.

The display ensures hours and minutes, indicated by transparent hands. Protecting the dial is a high-grade sapphire crystal. The same glass is used for the open case-back. The water-resistance of the timepiece is assured down to 50 meters.
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Artya Fish or Fly Unique Watch - Enchanting Creativity
The house of Artya mesmerizes the public with the presentation of its new unique Fish or Fly watch.

The new Artya watch captures attention with its hand-decorated dial. It employed 17 specific artistic techniques, widely used in the watchmaking industry. They include collage, application of dyes and pigments, forging and others. The originality of the display lies in real fish scales, involved in its manufacturing.

The heart of the new Artya Fish or Fly watch is placed inside a "Coup de foudre" case, embossed, defaced, tortured and struck by lightning. The water-resistance of the model is assured down to 50 meters. The new Artya watch is teamed with a hand-sewn perch-skin strap. The model is covered by a 24-month warranty.
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