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Arnold and Son Presents Hornet Trafalgar Watch
The horological company Arnold & Son is delighted to unveil its stunning novelty, named Hornet Trafalgar, the Battle. The watch pays tribute to the overwhelming victory of the British Navy over the French and Spanish fleet, which was achieved in the course of the Napoleonic wars, on October, 21st, 1805. It is also dedicated to the memory of legendary Admiral Nelson, who was shot and died of his wounds at the moment of his greatest victory.

The fascinating Hornet Trafalgar watch is available with three different dial executions: each of them reveals a battle-themed hand-touch up painting.

The first dial proudly exposes Admiral Nelson’s ship, the Victory, and the smaller Euryalus, coming closer to the allied formation, as viewable from the British fleet.
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Arnold and Son Grand Moon Tourbillon Watch - Charm of Night Sky
Arnold & Son has provided a true delight to watch enthusiasts by launching its Grand Moon Tourbillon timepiece, strictly limited to 30 pieces.

This horological marvel is set in a pink gold case, which measures 47 mm in diameter. Its thickness, meanwhile, is equal to 15.8 mm. The water-resistance of the case is assured down to 50 meters.

The new Grand Moon Tourbillon watch shows off a captivating dial, which represents a highly realistic replication of the night sky. Truly individualizing this model is a unique, retrograde moon phase function. The cycle has been thoroughly calculated on the moon’s exact synodic period - the time, necessary for a body within the solar system to return to the same position relative to the Sun as seen by an observer on the Earth.
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Arnold and Son True Moon Meteorite Watch - Genuine Exclusivity
Characterized by ardent desire for innovation, the acclaimed watchmaking house Arnold & Son faced the challenge of reproducing our grand cosmic world on the dial of its new True Moon Meteorite watch. This feat of virtuosity would be impossible without joined efforts of the manufacture’s team of highly qualified professionals.

The new Arnold & Son watch is instantly identifiable by virtue of its dial, done in a unique extremely hard meteorite stone from Arizona. The functions of the watch are clear on the exclusive display: it shows hours, minutes and seconds. They are joined by the date indication, arranged at 3 o’clock.

Inspired by the magnificent Moon, the dial also features the patented moon phase complication as well as the perpetual moon cycle, which represents an independent gear system. read more

Arnold and Son James Cook Limited Edition Watch - Tribute to Famous British Explorer
Arnold & Son is excited to bring forth its new extraordinary timepiece collection, which pays tribute to James Cook, the famous British explorer.

The new Arnold & Son watches are available in sets, which number is strictly limited to 25 pieces. Each set includes three fascinating models.

Every item catches the eye with its one-of-a-kind dial, which realistically replicates the scene from Cook’s famous voyages.

The dial of the first James Cook limited edition watch presents the scene of landing at Botany Bay in Australia. The display of the second timepiece offers a discovery of Antarctica.
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Arnold and Son True Moon Watch - Real Astronomical Achievement
The moon, an enchanting satellite of our planet, has always been a source of ceaseless inspiration for scholars, scientists, poets, lovers and even watchmakers! The major specialists in the field of horology have provided a successful presentation of this intriguing celestial body on the various watch dials.

The watch manufacture Arnold & Son is proud to unveil its new mysterious True Moon watch. This model is a highly realistic replication of our grand cosmic clock, which has already been reproduced on the dials of other timekeeping objects, including the innovative True North watch introduced in 2004.

Similar to its illustrious predecessors, the timepiece embodies the brand’s spirit of discovery, which appeared in the 18th century search for longitude. Since then, it has embraced the exploration and navigation both on land and in the air. read more

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