Jumbo Jet XXL Edition Watch From Aristo and Bethge & Sohne
The prominent Bethge & Sohne horological company, founded in 1939, and the watchmaking house of Aristo have joined their forces in creating a stunning masterpiece, named Jumbo Jet XXL Edition. This novelty represents the “original B-watch” of the “German Air Force”, recognized as an icon in the field of pilot watches.

Produced by the two internationally-famous watch brands, this new timepiece is available with a 55 mm case. This impressive novelty proudly demonstrates a number of elements, which contribute to its unmistakable masculine appeal. They include the 24 mm-long second hand, originally intended for a dial gauge, the 10 mm-thick onion-shaped crown as well as the 24 mm-wide strap.

According to Wolfgang Bethge, co-partner of the Richard Bethge GmbH, the highly qualified specialists have developed this extraordinary watch upon the request of men with big wrists. Designed to meet the highest expectations of these particular customers, such dial and case have been used for Jumbo Jet XXL edition only.

Hansjorg Vollmer, CEO of the Aristo Vollmer GmbH, has pointed out that this model, already regarded as a coveted object among collectors, is destined to become a true classic.

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