Gerald Genta Reveals Arena Metasonic Watch

Oct 24, 2009
Gerald Genta is proud to unveil its latest evolution of the Arena Grande Sonnerie, the Arena Metasonic watch.

This novel timekeeper takes the esteemed brand to the highest reaches of sophistication and beauty. Released as a spectacular wristwatch, the in-house manufactured complication experienced the world premiere in 1994 and has been continuously improved ever since.

Now, the brand is delighted to present its unrivalled complication, housed in an extremely innovative case. Manufactured from the original material, its exclusive construction assures a fascinating chime. The latter represents a genuine breakthrough, which became attainable due to in-depth acoustic and vibratory research.

Having ascended the enviable level of art in terms of creating its Grande Sonnerie mechanism, Gerald Genta came up with the idea of incorporating it into a customized case, intentionally created to enhance its musicality.

Thus, the brand has teamed up with a French university in order to create a software program, focused on analyzing all kinds of materials. Ultimately, Gerald Genta has developed a testing system, aimed at the assessment of a given materialís density, elasticity modulus and loss coefficient. Those three physical parameters happen to be extremely significant for determining the quality of the sound transmission.

The first crucial parameter to be considered is density, which value must be lower than 5 g/cm3. Among the metals conventionally employed in watchmaking, only titanium complies with this requirement.

As far as the elasticity modulus is concerned, its value must be below 100 GPa (gigapascals) to meet the necessary standards. Here white gold and titanium turn out to be the acclaimed leaders, since steelís values are twice as high.

In terms of the sound transmission loss coefficient, this parameter values are accurately measured in laboratory conditions. The test results demonstrate that steel is more sound-absorbing than titanium and gold. Consequently, the latter are more appropriate for creating the aforementioned specific watch case.

Another fine detail to note about the case is the usage of specially created pillars instead of screws that allow avoiding any disturbance of the sound diffusion. To maintain the perfect quality of sound, the entire construction is water-resistant.

The case middle of the spectacular Arena Metasonic watch appears in the diameter equal to 46 mm. Its overall diameter, meanwhile, constitutes 50mm. The case offers an alluring mix of vertical-polished and horizontal satin-brushed surfaces. It exposes a crown, which is marked with an individual watch number.

The striking mechanism controls, meant for switching between Grande Sonnerie (grand strike), Petite Sonnerie (small strike), Minute Repeater and Silence modes, can be easily reached on the opposite side.

Inside this masterpiece there is the movement, embellished with a revolutionary wave pattern, which symbolizes the spread of sound. The jewels are in white sapphire to be in perfect harmony with the entire mechanism.

The Gerald Genta Arena Metasonic watch, reviewed by, is offered in a glass security box, which keeps it well and truly hidden. The timepiece owner should push the biometrically programmed button for the watch interior to be lit up. Then, the base raises and brings the watch within reach.

The Arena Metasonic watch is accompanied by an ostrich leather strap.

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