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Antoine Preziuso Creates Impressive Monumental Tourbillon Watch
The new Antoine Preziuso timekeeping companion - the Monumental Tourbillon - ignores established codes. It is no doubt the largest wristwatch tourbillon ever created.

The outstanding wristwatch was based on a pocket watch blank relevant to 1928 and created at the time by the watchmaking school of the Vallee de Joux.

The colossal movement reflects the purest horological tradition with such refined details as black polished chamfering, circular-grained and Cotes-de-Geneve.

Incorporating a Breguet balance-spring and a screwed balance with a frequency of more than 18,800 vibrations per hour, the caliber was awarded with the first prize for chronometry in the 1930-s and no watch company managed to create something of the kind ever since. read more

Grand Robusto High Speed Watch From Antoine Preziuso
Antoine Preziuso is currently one of the less famous watch manufactures. Its timepieces, however, are distinguished by an impressive style and a spectacular embellishment.

The novel Grand Robusto High Speed model pays tribute to those watches manufactured by Richard Mille, which reveal absolutely open-worked dials with both markers and indicators imprinted into a large sapphire crystal.

As distinct from its counterparts, performed in the same style, the face of this watch exposes two sapphire crystals. The first is intended to cover the face and the second one serves as a dial, which tells all the necessary information. So, the hands are conventionally placed over the markers, contrary to underneath them.

The watch case features the dimensions of 38mm x 50mm, width and height indicated respectively. In fact, it is of a smaller size, than it may seem at first.

Sculptured in titanium, the tonneau shaped case features satin finished 18k pink gold inserts on its sides. The same material is used for the pushers and the crown’s logo part. Such blend of metals contributes to the perfect look of the watch exterior.

The dial looks intricate owing to the high level of polishing and contrasting metals, which were utilized for the movement.

The Grand Robusto High Speed watch is animated by an automatic Antoine Preziuso Calibre 7750RM3, based on ETA 7750 movement. Functionality of the model offers the time, a power reserve indicator as well as a 12-hour chronograph.

The dial demonstrates numerals, which remind of those used on the novel Blancpain Super Trofeo timepieces. The model is accompanied by a matching red alligator strap fitted with a titanium buckle.

Thus, the Grand Robusto High Speed model is a remarkable fusion between the features borrowed from other famous watches and Antoine Preziuso’s own style.

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Antoine Preziuso Presents "Power Inside" Unlimited Watch
Antoine Preziuso presents its new "Power Inside" Unlimited watch. The watch keeps its wearer aware of "how dynamic" his lifestyle really is. It features the level of energy accumulated with help of the wearer’s activities and movements.

The spring of the Swiss self-winding movement, beating inside the Antoine Preziuso watch, gets wound by the wearer’s movements and the energy is transmitted to a circular rotor.

When the distinctively-red energy-indicator is found near the “Fine” zone – the watch owner can be sure that his lifestyle is “perfectly dynamic”, while the indicators near the “Down” zone signals that he has to fill his life with more energy.
The 21-jewel movement offers 42 hours of power reserve.
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Welcome to New Antoine Preziuso Boutique in Dubai
Last February, after Geneva, Tokyo and Kiev, Antoine Preziuso inaugurated its fourth boutique in Dubai, within the area of the luxurious Wafi City Mall. The official inauguration of the boutique is scheduled for September, 2010.

The most sumptuous shopping venue in Dubai, Wafi City Mall heartily welcomes a multitude of acclaimed brands. This fascinating area immediately grabs the audience attention with its architecture encouraged by Ancient Egypt. Constructed in the shape of a pyramid, the building has giant sphinxes at its entrance. Inside, the visitors may enjoy a decor of statues of pharaohs, columns, reminiscent of Karnak, some sculpted with hieroglyphs and atrium window, made of multicolored stained glass.

The new boutique is more than just a simple sales point: it is a showcase for Antoine Preziuso luxury watches. Enhanced by a subtle play of glass and mirrors, it sprawls out to cover 25 square meters. read more

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