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Angular Momentum Berillium Diver Magnus - Impressive Diver's Watch
Angular Momentum, the brand highly appreciated by those who love avant-garde horological creations, unveils another marvel to join its Freehand collection - the Berillium Diver Magnus watch.

The three-part case of the new Angular Momentum watch boasts impressive size - 60mm in diameter. Moreover, it is crafted from a rarely used for watch cases material – bronze.

For setting the diving time, the watch features a revolving bezel completed with 11 Email Lumineuse Green hour/five minutes dots. It also has a fixing screw and "end-of-dive-time" marker coated with Email Lumineuse dot Pale blue.
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Angular Momentum Jet Black Watch - Lime-Fresh
Angular Momentum, with headquarters in Bern, enjoys great success among those who like everything unconventional. The brand creates unique hand-made timepieces to join the ‘Artisan’ and ‘Technical’ watch collections.

This year, the Angular Momentum Technical Timepiece collection welcomes a newcomer - the Jet Black. The same as other members of the collection, the Jet Black watch lacks conventional hands. It shows the time with help of two revolving discs.

The stainless steel case of the Jet Black watch is PVD-coated and measures 42mm in diameter. The dial is framed by a polished steel bezel that nicely contrasts with the PVD-coating of the case. read more

Angular Momentum Classic Artisan BigBigDate Watch - Concept of Calendar Mechanism Turned Inside-Out
Angular Momentum has stunned the horological world by the release of its Classic Artisan BigBigDate watch. The name of the model gives a hint to its main asset.

In fact, the qualified specialists within the manufacture have equipped the new Angular Momentum watch with an extraordinary calendar mechanism. Most analog watches show the current date by means of a rotating disk with only a part of it being viewable through an exhibition window on a dial.

The date of the Angular Momentum watch can be read off with help of a simple date indicator, clothed in red. It points to one of sixteen Arabic Breguet-type numerals, which mark only odd days of the month.
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Angular Momentum La Boulle Classic Day and Night Watch - Precision and Elegance
The hand-made La Boulle Classic Day & Night watch by Angular Momentum captures immediate attention by its unusual "Verre Eglomise" dial.

Performed in black and white, that is divided into day and night sections, as well as equipped with double Arabic numerals, the display is extremely easy to read.

The watch wearer can instantly realize whether it is 8 o’clock in the evening or 8 o’clock in the morning. The progression of hours and minutes is marked by golden "poire" hands.

A delightful combination of smart technique and refined elegance, the Angular Momentum watch will not let its lucky owner go by unnoticed.
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Admire Angular Momentum Glowing Urushi Watch
Angular Momentum is excited to unveil its new Glowing Urushi watch, which portrays an exquisite classical design.

As the name of the new Angular Momentum watch suggests, it is distinguished by a superb glowing capacity of its white or blue dial. It is attainable due to an Email Lumineuse technique, patented by the brand. It highlights the surface more intensive than Supeluminova substance, used by many horological companies.

The enamel is powered by sunlight: 10-minute charging ensures a 35-hour glowing. At daytime the enamel is of vanilla color, while at night it exudes a light green intensive glowing, which resembles the color of Mycena lux-coeli mushrooms.
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