Alfex Black Light 5624 Watch - Three-Dimensional Dial
The release of the Alfex Black Light 5624 watch has announced a new chapter in the history of horology. This model is the first in the world to feature a three-dimensional dial.

It reveals the hands, moving around under the hour markers, imprinted into a transparent sapphire glass. The name “Black Light” implies the properties inherent to this very model: the Superluminova-coated hour markers ensure robust low-light visibility.

The name “Black Light” may seem a marriage of two contradictory notions. “Black” and “Light” however, intentionally meet and match to accentuate the versatile character of this exclusive Alfex watch. read more

Alfex Marks 60th Anniversary with Pazzola Giant Alarm Watch
On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the horological company Alfex has enriched its Bernhard Russi collection with an innovative and strikingly original creation.

The Pazzola Giant Alarm mechanical watch offers an alarm function for the first time animated by a special disc. It is incorporated into the movement and located behind the dial. This extraordinary model, distinguished by the alluring Marcus Eilinger design, brings the Swiss-Italian watchmaker to a new level of development. The release of the new Alfex watch has been restricted to just 600 pieces.

The Pazzola Giant Alarm watch accommodates a manually wound movement - MC 96.1, 12”’ calibre, embellished with 19 rubies. It reveals bridges, graced with Cotes-de-Geneve finish. The movement of the watch offers the functions of hours, minutes, seconds and the alarm, mentioned above. It boasts a 38-hour power reserve. read more

Alfex Lizard 5633 Lady's Watch - Modern Embodiment of Talisman
The horological company Alfex is proud to introduce its Lizard 5633 lady’s watch, that exudes a charm impossible to resist.

As its name suggests, the model is inspired by a reptile, which used to be a symbol of divine wisdom and luck in ancient Egypt. A true master of communication, the exciting and mysterious lizard uses its body language, ability to disguise, iridescent colors as well as its agility to deliver a message.

A refined timekeeping accessory, the new Alfex watch helps the observers to understand a body language of a contemporary woman. Moreover, it can pop out the feminine air of its owner.
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Lady Moon Watch Released by Alfex
The horological company Alfex has proudly unveiled its enchanting watch, romantically dubbed Lady Moon. As its name suggests, this model is inspired by the magnificent Moon, which has been always associated with magic. This soft and silvery celestial body exudes a mysterious poetry of strength, sensuality and versatility – the qualities inherent to any true woman.

An epitome of supreme elegance, the model is proposed with the alluring case, which features a highly realistic replication of the moon’s silhouette. It is gold-plated or sculptured in antiallergenic steel. The case is capable of withstanding water pressures down to 3 ATM. Ticking inside this enigmatical model is the reliable Ronda quartz movement.

The Lady Moon timekeeper proudly reveals a clear dial, protected by the mineral glass. Embellished with scintillating Swarowski stones, the display resembles the starry sky.

Available with a variety of dial and strap executions, this marvelous creation from Alfex fully reflects the multi-faceted feminine universe. The black dial, coupled with the matching strap, underscores the mysterious side of the lady’s character. The brown dial, presented on the strap of the same color, stands for her gracefulness. The red version, teamed with the red strap, symbolizes love, passion and fire. The white dial, mounted on the matching wrist band, incarnates purism.

The Lady Moon model will admirably express the personality of its lucky wearer.

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Alfex Statements of a Diva Watch - Tasteful and Headstrong
The new Alfex Statements of a Diva watch attracts attention due to its stunning design, which emphasizes a strong character of an intelligent and beautiful woman.

Imposing, yet delicate, the novelty is composed of futuristic black squares, which lend it an avant-garde look. The new Alfex watch employs a 316L stainless steel case.

Its surface can be plain with black IP or gold IP treatment. The top of the case is protected by a mineral crystal. The water-resistance of the model is assured down to 30 meters.
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